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Two poems on the same thing (posted separately)

harry hayes

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Separate cos i don,t type that fast and get unplugged. First one is serious. the second a spoof.






There are a myriad of reasons,

Why we "poets" take up the pen;

To put the world behind us,

Or inspiration now and then.


A path not set by others,

Thoughts very much our own;

Sometimes a sense of darkness,

Or seed of beauty sown.


The last is all around us,

To see it is by choice;

A heaven unfolds before you,

Words simply add the voice.


Some poets write of nature,

Others, people they have known;

Events which were laced in humour,

Or something special - all their own.


Nostalgia gives a special glow,

Loving times perhaps recall;

Within, a spark of child-hood,

"Catch me should I fall"


Vanity, the family bible,

What kind of man was he?

Guidelines to my deepest thoughts,

Therein for kin to see.


More often we write for pleasure,

No loss or gain is sought;

Escaping from the humdrum,

To float on clouds of thought.


Kissed by the Goddess of Poetry,

She takes us by the hand;

Together, fleeting moments,

In a serene, more peaceful land.


Harry Hayes. ( St Brigit if you will, in the title)

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Thanks Jerry for your two comments. Said somewhere in my first 4 postings on this section that I write simple stuff that anyone can understand.

Hadn,t realised i was writing in 6 syllables - just put it down as it came and in what seemed the right order.


Happy days

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