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Caught in the headlights.


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I've listened intently to TV progs about the current economic malaise, and with the exception of Vince Cable, the politicians just never seen it coming and havn't a clue how to get us out of the mire. :roll: The only guy who appears to have a sense of the magnitude of this debacle and thus an idea of the scale of required recovery package is the US President, who's throwing around $1.5 trillion into it - on a massive programme of public works - meanwhile, our lot, just appear to be being carried along by the current, from one crisis to the next. :roll::cry:

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But we are making the wheels, "when" they find somewhere to make them.


We don't need to make them.... surely we can just use the ones that have come of Gordon Browns bandwagon!! :lol:


I thought these had now been fitted to the Tory gravy train :lol:

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