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Parks under attack by WBC Darlington measurers

Geoffrey Settle

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Why are our children writing to the Council about Peel Hall Park?

Why are our park rangers being drastically cut (I think from 22 to 12)?

Why were our hedgerows drastically cut back during nesting season?


One answer that I'm aware of Paula Darlington Head of Environmental Management WBC- does this woman have no shame?


She once told me at a Parish meeting that our neck of the woods was wonderful and that she didn't know about the Park Path that I was complaining about in Enfield Park!!! Alongside her Clr Sharon Wilson mocked my efforts to get it repaired; she read from an email that I had sent to her managed WBC customer service desk.


The council had actually on my request repaired three small patches in a path a 1/4 of a mile long :twisted: This is in a Park that Clr Ian Marks promised a load of money if a TV bid was won and brought in ?80,000. :shock: It is a path that people still struggle on and I believe complained about in the TV campaign supported by the same Council.


To top it all Paula then read from an email complimenting her staff from replacing a dog bin and repairing lights and removing graffiti. Guess what? I wrote it :)


I must praise the Children of St Bridgets for their initiative (and the work that they have done in their school grounds) and hope that for once the WBC investigation in the park gets things cleared up!


I remember dragging bikes and stuff out of the Peel Hall pond, reporting burnt out scooters and bins etc so it's nothing new.


This used to be dealt with by a well funded Park Ranger Service, that I have often written about.


I also wish the Warrington Nature conservation Forum continued success to prevent nests and other habitats from being destroyed by the council.

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Well after going under the knife on Monday my knee seems to be doing well. I'm no longer limping and I've even tried a short run or two but don't tell the surgeon. :wink: and I didn't even need a pain killer.


It's been over a year since I was able to run and that's just too long. Unfortunately my physios place got damaged by fire the other week so I'll have to manage my own recovery.


But its progressing very well and I'm sure that I'll soon be able to get my running kit on and go out and see what state the parks are currently in. I remember what they used to be like.

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I'm with you on this issue. I find it ludicrous that we clean up the green spaces, get the Rangers to organise walks and events for school children, and as soon as these things are successful, WBC pull the rug out.

The excellent Rangers from Blackbear Park have been moved to Lymm. I wonder how that was planned.

We are meeting someone who is allegedly going to explain the reasons in the next week or two. I will let you know what is said.

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I agree with Pete and wahl. I know that wahl has worked very hard campaigning for his local environment and Pete is doing the same.


All the Rangers that I have met have known their trade inside out and have a much wider perspective on environmental management in our community than any traditional 'Park Keeper' can hope to aspire to.


Pete I'd be very interested in hearing what they say about Blackbear Park, please keep us informed. If there is anything you want me to pass on to the Warrington Nature Conservation Group's committee meeting week just let me know and I will pass your comments on to them.

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True but I may have been emphasising my point, actually I hit the quote button by mistake... but I am mad at WBC's course of action. :evil: They are considering ditching service level agreements with:


The Cheshire Wildlife Trust; and

rECOrd (the Cheshire biological records Centre)


Without the existing arrangements the council would either fail to deliver, or would have to pay consultants a much higher fee to provide the same outcomes. They would not be able to check on planning proposals by developers and therfore not be able to check what wildlife etc is on the proposed site.

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These internal saving would amount to ?7,000. The fact that they are considering them indicates that they are not interested in Nature Conservation and do not want to bother finding out what faun, flora, wildlife exists in a place - nor to they seem to be concerned about being proecuted for their lack of interest or foresight. They have always paid for this service so why stop now?

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It's called balancing the budget Geoff; either come up with an alternative or promote the idea of a rate increase above 4%; as I'm sure they'll be a queue behind you with their own pet schemes. :wink: Plus, arn't they now ?15million in the red? :roll::shock:


Perhaps they should look at the waste they create rather than cut services.

To reduce that debt, they will have to cut nearly every service going. :roll:

Surely, all these cut-backs are knee jerk reactions and short term fixes. Sooner or later the issues will have to be addressed at even greater cost. OR let Warrington become a wilderness.

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One persons waste is anothers pet project, I thought Paul was going to wage a war on "waste" on the Council, only to discover he's been spending time on a committee considering arguements for an increase in Member Allowances! :wink::lol: Geoff: we have an electoral system, which allows you to vote for folk to do the "weighing up" on your behalf, as we can't all fit into the Town Hall at the same time! :wink: As for looking at the "budget", I thought it was a public document, perhaps one of your mates can get you a copy?! :?:wink:

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No such thing as a NON - political lobby; the very act of "lobbying" IS a "political" act! :wink: Your first port of call is to decide whether this is a "statutory" service requirement; if yes; I'm sure there is an MP ready to "have a go" at the Council! :lol: If no; then I fear your wasting your time. :shock::wink:

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