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Les Broughton

dave b

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Hi, I'm looking to get in touch with an old pal of mine, Leslie John Broughton. He will be around 58 yrs old now (sorry, mate!)


Les lived with his parents (originally from Northampton area I think) in Middlehurst Rd, Grappenhall, c1967/8

and then in lodgings in either Barton Av or Cross La, Grappenhall from around !970 when his parents returned to the Midlands.


He was an apprentice at Laporte Chemicals from 1967 - 1971, who shared their first year training with UKAEA Risley apprentices in Weymouth, Dorset in 1967/8. Happy days!


We lost touch around 1970 and I made a couple of half-hearted attempts to to track him down in pre-internet days, without success


If you read this, Les, or anyone else that has information, please reply to this post or e-mail me.


Dave Boydell

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the feedback that I received was that Les said he is on Facebook.

Hope that helps.


Thanks for that, Peter, my daughter uses Facebook (don't they all !)

I'll ask her to help me look :roll:

Just out of interest, when did you last hear of Les at Laportes/Solvay?

Regards, Dave.

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