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do you know of any loan shark in warringtion?


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At the moment in the news and in these grim times people are turning to licensed lender

But you could get confused with a loan shark as people and government calls them.


So what the difference ?


A loan shark is an unlicensed moneylender. Licensed moneylenders are regulated a code by Office of Fair Trading and must by followed to practice.


loan sharks are not licensed and operate outside the law. If you borrow from them it's likely you'll, get a loan on very bad terms, pay an extortionate rate of interest, harassed if you get behind with your repayments, pressured into borrowing more from them to repay one debt with another.

If you have borrowed money from a loan shark you are under no legal obligation to repay the debt as the law says If a lender isn't licensed then they have no legal right to recover the debt


Harassment of people in debt by creditors or their agents is a criminal offence under the Administration of Justice Act 1970


Trading Standards office

Warrington Borough Council

Palmyra House

Palmyra Square North



tel 01925 442678

fax01925 442655

e.mail: tradingstandards@warrington.gov.uk

web: Warrington Borough Council Trading Standards website


Do you know if any are operating in warringtion?

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