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New road markings

ex padgate girl

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Initially there was a change to the give-way line and a filter lane created for traffic coming from Manchester Road and turning into Woolston Grange Avenue.


I encountered that and was immediately struck by how dangerous it was. (Not struck, thankfully, by the car taking the normal route from the roundabout and passing at speed over the point I would have reached if I hadn't realised how dangerous the new setup was. In other words, there would have been an accident if I'd continued as I was supposed to do instead of using my sense.)


Within a day or two the filter lane had been blocked off with large temporary barriers, and the original give-way line was restored.


So basically some incompetent idiot designed a potentially lethal situation, no-one noticed before the system was introduced, and the whole thing had to be hurriedly altered again once innocent people had tested the system and risked being killed.

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