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Carol Thatcher's gaff


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I hold no brief for Carol Thatcher. I have always thought she was someone of modest ability who only came to prominence because of who her mother was. But, really, should she be banned by the BBC for using a word which most of us use regularly and was once an almost obligatory item in every child's bedroom? And using it in private at that!

For the BBC to ban her but let someone like Jonathan Ross continue broadcasting is obscene.

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One of my favourite child hood toys is a knitted you know what made by my grand mother who tragically died in her 50's.

It is also treasured by my mum.

We are not a racist family.

God help me if I ever became a politician and had a photo taken of me cuddling this treasured possession.

The press would probably run a story accusing me of abusing a black person! :roll:

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last time i was around cockhedge there was a shop selling them in various sizes. did not hear any complaints about them being sold there.

i wish i still had the badges that i had of them. they are worth a few bob now. :cry:


but you wouldn't be allowed to sell them as it would be considered racist! :roll::wink:

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I made a golliwog out of coloured felt and wool, in sewing class at school, when I was 11. It might have been in unenlightened 1954 but I didn't make an "image" of a black person, I made a toy, nothing more and nothing less.


Apparently Carole Thatcher was referring to someone's hair when she said the word. I don't like or dislike the woman, I am completely neutral, but I think the reaction to what I'm sure was a very innocent remark on her part is, frankly, ludicrous. If she'd delivered a string of four-letter expletives, as does her fellow green room occupant Jo Brand on a daily basis, the BBC would not have turned a hair.


Use all the obscenities you can think of and that's fine but say the word Golliwog and the PC world goes crazy. God help us all. :roll:

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You mean she has forgotten what a wreck she made of our Country :wink:


that depends on how you look at what she did I guess LT


Some say she is the best prime minister we ever had.


Guess it all depends on your views; personally I don't think she went far enough!

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