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Just a thought and probably havent thought this through, but is Wilderspool still usable and if so why not play there - surely thsi would be league standard and therefore future proof


The stadium we have is ideal for us at the current level of support and for the foreseeable future. The social club has been revamped and is an excellent facility - far better than anything Wilderspool could offer.

The existing Cantilever Park will see us through two promotions so is pretty future proof!


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I wanst having a go - just thinking out loud.


The club has league ambitions. Wilderspool I would presume is up to that standard and is available now and might not be when you need to upgrade.


As i said hadnt really thought it through that much.


I think Wilderspool will be long gone by the time Town achieve their league ambitions - I suspect it would also require more work than Cantilever Park to make it suitable for even two promotions.

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