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another defeat


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The poor fella's dammed if he does and dammed if he doesn't,

Come on he was slated for a team of kids at Christmas and now he's slated for a full side 2 weeks before kickoff



For what my opinions worth....

They are full time proffesionals and SHOULD play for goodness sake,that's what they get paid for 12 months of the year, stop wrapping them in cotton wool. :o

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Kind of sad seeing the state of Swinton these days



I remember a sell out top four play off at Wilderspool and it seems like yesterday.

Teams should not be allowed to vanish ...it's OUR heritage.

Forget London/Wales it's a lost cause.Look after what's left up here ,before Leigh or Widnes go the same sad way to oblivion.




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I remember the Swinton side of the 60's...They had two Warrington lads playing half back...Parkinson and Cartwright...Both of them in the classic RL halfback mould, small bad tempered men, hard as nails and would have a go at anybody regardless of how much bigger they were than themselves. One day Wire were playing Swinton at Station Road and Albert Blan got on the same bus we were on with his boots tied up in a newspaper parcel. The good old days.

It was always on the cards that Swinton would go backwards once they'd sold their ground.

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