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Bloke and his wife driving through mid America hit a skunk, the wife screams at her hubby to stop the car and check how the animal is.

He does as requested and both get out of the car to check how the skunk is.

The woman realises that the skunk is alive but injured, being christian in her make up she tells her husband that he is to take her and the skunk to the vets in the next town. "You must be joking" he says "it's a bloody rodent!"

"Listen here Elmer, this is one of gods creatures and we have sorely injured it. It is our christian duty to ease its pain".

Having realised the pointless exercise further argument would be the husband picks the creature up and places it in his wifes lap and starts to head for the next town.

After 5 minutes the skunk starts to shake and shiver with shock "Elmer this poor creature is freezing and needs warmth dear".

"Well put it between your legs sweety".

"But its all damp and smelly"

" Hold its nose then !"

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