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Did you know my dad Eric Roy Dargie


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Hello everyone,


My name is Emma, my dad was called Eric Dargie. He lived in Burton

wood in about 1994 - 1998 before he died in 1998. He lived with his

girlfriend Maureen (although i do not remeber her last name, i do

remember she had a son called brain who would be about 25 now, and a

son called John a few years older)


My dad was a BIG motorcycle fan and was always tinkering with his bike

in the garage. It would be his birthday on Thursday august 30th, and i

am asking if anyone that knew him could get in touch, i am trying to

get some photos of him all the ones i have are from when i was very



I am also wondering if anyone can possible see if anything is but in

the local paper in the rememberance coloumns in the local paper ( i do

not know what this would be) or if anyone is into saving newspaper

cuttings or knows how to look for old clippings, im hoping to find

something in the paper about his death, i know how it happened but as i

was young i can not recall the exact date and would like to know. I

know it was either 2nd, 3rd, or 4th December in 1998.


I now his funeral was held at a cremetorium in St Helens ( on a long

sweeeping road?) but some people have told me his ashes were moved

before they were scattard and other than that i dont remember when this

was, i know it sounds bad that i cant remember but i blocked a lot of

it out and i cant remember now.


My dad used to go up to Rivington Pike every wekend, and i used to go

too sometimes, i am trying to find out how old he would have been, i

think this year it would have been his 50th. I know i can ask my

family but i dont want to upset anyone so have decided to try and find

out myself.


So if anyone can help me Find photos / find out Dates / newspaper

clippings, or anything i would be very grateful indeed.


His Name was Eric Roy Dargie, approx age 40 when he died

He lived in Burton wood near warrington with Maureen, Brain and John,

in a culdesac, i remember there were a lot of bikers that came to the

house on the day of the funeral, so if anyone can help at all.


I am going to put a photo in the photo section to jog anyones memory.

Thanks again.


Emma Dargie


Thank you

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