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Economy V Enviroment?


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Usually at the core of most "planning" arguements - but it would seem that the "economy" wins over the "enviroment" everytime. :? The Heathrow decision, clearly signals that this Government places our economic competivness above all their pleading in relation to the enviroment. :shock: So with aircraft pollution currently 5% of UK output, by 2050 it will have risen to 25% - so I guess the Polar Bears arn't happy about it! :wink:

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The government has persuaded councils all over the country to more or less force householders to recycle their rubbish by separating it in the home for kerbside collection.

Then by approving the third runway they in effect wipe out any savings they might have achieved. And for what?

To send more people off to spend their money abroad.

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What we need in these hard times is a return to the days when I was no'but a lad. We had factories on every street corner belching out muck and filth 24 hours a day. We all had jobs and if you ignore diptheria, impetigo and a neck full of boils we were happy with our lot. You young 'uns don't know your born. All you have to worry about is separating the empty green bottles from the clear ones.

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