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Orford Park Project


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Does he do "Rugby" at school? :? And the big tester - "boxing"? :? No chance - cos if little Jonny gets hurt - Mom and Dad are straight into suing the School - thus complete inertia. :roll::wink:
Sadly yes he does Rugby. I wasn't aware of any schools in my day that did boxing, not something that is in many curriculums anywhere I would have thought?. I can imagine it was brought in specially for you though Obs :roll::roll::wink::wink:
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Perhaps that is why this country is not very good at sport.

Too busy making sure that no-one gets hurt. :roll:

Aye, poor olympics we've just had. England claim to have the best football league in the world (I realise this isn't actually the case), and the best Rugby team in the world, Scotland currently has arguably the best tennis player in the world, and we have a mass of golfers at the top of their game, squash has the best player in the world from Scotland. I could go on, but you probably get the point.
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Fatshaft. I suggest you compare your comments with reality.

Swimming and cycling stood out. IF they do so at the next Olympics, then we are making progress. Not seen much to shout about in athletics.

We might have the best football league, but not the best players.

Rugby???? You're having a laugh.


I have also moderated your post.!!!!

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The Orford project will only attract those who are interested and have a modicum of talent anyway; the rest will watch them on TV, when they grow up into couch potatoes. :wink:


I believe that the Orford Poject is to be inclusive.


Yes it will ideally provide great facilities for those with talent but it will also be open to all levels and it doesn't just cater for sport.

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