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Calling all budding actors


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Well if any of you fancy the chance of fame by starring in a TV commercial here is your chance!!!

I have posted this here for those of you who only check the news pages once in a blue moon! :roll::wink:



If any of you nominate yourselves we may pop down on Monday and feature you in the magazine as well!

Not much good for those of you who are shy and hide your identities - :oops::lol:

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Are "extras" classed as "actors" - need an equity card?! :wink:


Not if they don't speak or just happen to walk through :wink: Saying that if you needed an equity card to appear on all local adverts/broadcasts then most councillors would be in trouble :lol:


Apparently a 'film' actor needs to belong to SAG (Screen Actors Guild) and a 'stage' actor need to belong to Equity. :P


Did you know that the kids who SANG in Pink Floyds 'Another Brick in The Wall' (version 2) couldn't appear in the actual video because they didn't hold Equity cards :cry:


WHY don't they just use local people for local adverts rather than brought in actors though :?:lol:


OK so I'm only posting cos I'm bored :P:lol::lol::wink:

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