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Post Office privatisation?


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Seems NuLab are split over Mandy's plans for the Royal Mail; and may rely on the real Tories to privatise it. :shock: This, despite their 2005 manifesto commitment to retain it in public ownership. :roll: Can't see the problem these days, they've nationalised the Banks, so why not the Mail. :roll: Wonder how our local Bliar's Babes will be voting? :wink:

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Part privatisation will mean the likes of DHL,TNT and others will cherry pick the city deliveries. Royal Mail will handle the periphary, places such as the Outer Hebrides and other remote spots. No doubt the spin doctors will spin it and convince the great British public it will be a good thing. But it won't. In just a short time you'll be talking about pounds rather than the present pennies your mail costs.

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Since they privatise the German post its gone down the drain, the post is late if it arrives at all,first class mail takes upto 3 days.


The Royal mail will no doubt go the same way if they are privatised..



Not a good idea





Steve what you have in germany we already have in the UK - so doesn't seem to matter whether private or not! :cry:

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