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Remainder of the Season


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My new year resolution is to be a nicer footy fan this year to fellow supporters and our management team :wink: ..............So i would like your thoughts as fellow supporters for the rest of the season.


What would you like from it ??


Personally a mid season finish with a couple of good wins to celebrate against the top teams will be enough to keep me happy through the summer. Playoffs are too much to expect and relegation wont be considered as one going down.


So lets discuss........................ :lol:

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Hopefully we will soon see a fit again Thomas Lamb finding the back of the net on a regular basis, forming a great strike partnership with Chris Gaghan.

I would also like to see what is a fairly good defence when everyone is fully fit, keeping the set pieces at bay.

I hope we can still put together a good enough run to knock on the doors of the play-offs - but I realise this is not very realistic.

I would like to see total commitment from the existing playing staff and everybody from supporter to chief executive, working as a team.

I would like to see 750-1,000 in the ground when we entertain Halifax Town on February 14th and a good result to encourage all the new found local supporters to return for the next home game.

I would like to see 350-400 paying cutomers week in week out so we can have a big enough budget to mount a serious promotion challenge.

Warrrington Town missed a great opportunity to kick on and become something really good in the late 1980's early 1990's and hopefully we now have the right infrastructure in place to ensure once we get a winning team, everything else will fall into place.

Not asking for much really!


P.S A little less sarcasm from certain supporters would also be appreciated! :oops:

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