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William Powell, 1879-1971 Award for Bravery. Help Please


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I posted this request last year but had no response but this may have been because I posted it in the wrong place.

'Was wondering if there is anyone who can help me with a question regards to my Grandad (step).

William Powell who was born in Shropshire but he lived in Warrington for some 77 years. He was the owner of Fearnhead Golf Course and Powell's Nursery's at Fearnhead. He was known by many as Bill.

I have been told that not long before he passed away there was an article in one of the local newspapers which could of been the Warrington Guardian, Liverpool Echo or Manchester Evening News, about the time that he saved someones life from a fire and I am presuming that he was acting as a part time fireman as his obituary does state that he was a former Parks Gardener, Architect, Market Stall Owner, he was a Warrington part time fireman. All I know is that a family member remembers seeing a medal and it was gold in colour what was this and when and were the incident happened is a mystery to me and would like to know more about it.

I am presuming that this was sometime in the war but this is just a guess.

Is there anyone out there that can give me more information of this.

Many thanks for looking and hopefully someone can help as I do not live in the Warrington area.

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