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Windows XP Activation problem


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Anyone running XP and have had the following over the past few days ?


If so how did you fix it cos I can't get on my PC at all.


This copy of windows must be activated with Microsoft before you can log on


WHY !!!!! It's been happily updating with Microsoft for over a year now so was registered ! I am given the options to register online... but I cant cos it's disabled my internet access OR to register by phone.... but I cant cos the automated phone line asks for codes which I don't know cos I can't get on my PC.


Before anyone asks I'm on another PC typing this !!!!!

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I gave up..... I still couldn't register on line as no matter what I tried it wouldn't connect via my internet access. Phone line was a waste of time as it was automated and wouldn't let me enter the codes I had :evil:


So I called in the cavalry and low and behold it turned out to be a blummin' Microsoft Automated Update that has installed itself and buggered up my PC. Thanks Microsoft :evil:


Good job I had access to another PC to enable the download of the various patches to fix it and of course someone who knew how to do it without losing all my data :shock:


Why do Microsft do that without warning :evil: and would the tax man have believed me if I had to used that as an excuse as to why we couldn't submit our electronic tax returns and payments on time..... I doubt it :shock:

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It simply recovers your last stored desktop configuration. Icons, shortcuts etc.


I must admit I was so fed up with MS windows that I threw my PC in the bin (gave it to a school really). That was back in 2002. I bought a Mac and have never had to reinstall software or rebuild my computers since. In fact that original Mac is still running and is fine for browsing, itunes, photos etc. I have had 2 upgrades since and at each instance my kids got the outgoing and are still running them. I am not a Mac fanatic (I am not interested enough in computers)...but if you just want a machine that does what it says on the box it is worth considering alternatives at the next purchase

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