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Who's cooking the Xmas Turkey?


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I have no idea cos no-one's been brave enough to offer yet.


I was happy to have everyone round here and to cook for them but due to the credit cruch and cost of elec/gas etc :wink: I was honest with everyone that we will have to cut back a little this year and explained that......


We wouldn't have any heating on so they would have to wear at least 4 layers plus a warm coat, and possible gloves and a hat.


Rather than spending 5 hours cooking a large turkey and other stuff with the costs involved they are welcome to sample the delights of either a ready meal or a pizza instead which takes no more than 12 minutes cooking time in a microwave or oven... or better still a salad :D


The TV / Stereo will not be on but party games such as pass the parcel, dominoes or Eye Spy will be just as entertaining :wink:


And the finale will be everyone for themselves with an 'unplugged' battle of family talents called "I've got the real xfactor talent'.


It's working so far :lol::wink::D:P

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well it looks like it will be mostly me again this year.


mum does most of the preparation and i go round and keep an eye on the various pots pans and roasting tins. not sure how many we will be catering for could be anything from four to twenty depending all of which have differing tastes. one does not like mash, another only like their sprouts whole, one does not like gravy and so on.


great fun though and the only day off i will get till new years eve.

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