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new horror trailer (i hope this can be classed as local)


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:cry: I don't think he did get permission though i may be wrong? The Churches Conservation Trust who look after St werburghs old church are strict about the use of the church.

I did some professional filming there about three weeks ago with the BBC and we had to get permission from the trust in London and prove we had at least ?3,000,000 of public liability insurance before we could even set up a camera and equipment :shock:

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No, I didn't get permission


didn't do any filming inside the grounds of the church, im very respectful like that, its just happened to be in the background when we were filming





and thats crazy, that you have to get permission from LONDON to film at your local church, thats why most of us have to resort to guerilla filmmaking!!!



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and that's why the church is protected by the Conservation Trust Andy, to make sure that it is conserved for the future.

They have to be sure that if the church or grounds were damaged during any filming that insurance was in place, hence we needed insurance as we filmed in the grounds and inside the church too, and with the lighting rigs and sound equipment etc ........... :roll:

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Warburton old church was built in 1187 .... so its under special protection and gets full maintenance as its an ancient monument.......


What was I filming Andy, a short promotional film for the History channel, can't say much more about it at the moment ........ :roll:

Well I certainly hope it will be another WWW exclusive! :roll:

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Hiya ANDYK ....


Well I didn't like it one bit... it was rather creepy and gorey YEUCH !


But that's cos I am a complete whimp when it comes to horror films so I guess you must be on the right track :shock::lol:


Maybe better to try and film outside of local 'turf' next time so you wont get as much stick from some :roll::wink:


I very much doubt that you would have damaged church property with your filming. I've take loads of photo's of my local church over the years and even used my video camera :shock: and no-one has ever complained or asked me if I had public liability insurance :wink:


Only down side with using a local area which is well recognised place is that people may feel a little more scared by what they see cos it looks familiar :shock:

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Hi Dismayed


thanks for the feedback, and sorry if it freaked you out a bit lol


I think there is a lot to be said for filming in the local area, i know i didn't do any damage, and i wouldn't do any damage. But with the state of the british film industry, people need to encourage people to film in their local areas and get people involved. We had great fun making the trailer and everyone local seemed to be amused that we were making a "zombie" film.


the only way we are going to see more british films being produced is by allowing filmmakers some slack and letting them get on with making them (obviously not if they are damaging property, but thats another matter)


phew, i think i went into rant mode there!!!



something even scarier than zombies


Andy :wink:

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its okay to be pedantic




the clip was taken from the start of a trailer for an american film, so I didnt spell it


pre?view also pre?vue


An advance showing, as of a movie or art exhibition, to which a selected audience is invited before public presentation begins.

An advance viewing or exhibition, especially the presentation of several scenes advertising a forthcoming movie; a trailer.

An introductory or preliminary message, sample, or overview; a foretaste.


although im sure even Mr Spielberg makes mistakes :wink:

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What was I filming Andy, a short promotional film for the History channel, can't say much more about it at the moment ........ :roll:


Indie, how come you are always working on filming an 'exclusive' and can't say too much but we never seem to see them


How long do they take and what ever happened to your final film of the Stockton Heath Primary School archaelogical dig with all it's exciting finds and possible secrets :wink: you were doing ????


Guess it was the same as is happening with the Earthworks full and concise archaelogical report.... it's still being edited :wink:

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Hi Andy,


Well done on the trailer. I know you spent a lot of time on the script. planning, casting, props and equipment and so on, and especially on the editing. Can't wait to see the full thing. It looks great! love the effects.


Ignore anyone that has a bad thing to say about it. Like me, Fiming and editing is a passion of yours and I appreciate how much effort you put into your work, so it's never nice when people can't say anything positive. Keep doing what you love.


Hope to see you soon

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I will agree with Sadako -- you did a good job and people do not appreciate how tough it is to do that whole thing, especially with very limited funds. Horror isn't my thing but what I saw was impressive. Oh and I double the keeping doing the thing you love! :wink:

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:shock: Dismayed, the reason why they don't appear although i am working on them is that i am contractually banned from revealing anything about them!!!! ( America and Canada)


Production houses who invest a lot of time, effort and cash into these projects do not like to reveal anything before they finally are released to the public ...... (minimises the impact)


Man in Black ( Mark Olly ) wouldn't dream of discussing them before they hit the screen.


Congratulations to Mark on his latest new series on Sky which will be publicised soon.


I have seen some of the trailers and they are pretty amazing...


Mark if you read this all i can say is well done!!! You are putting yourself and Warrington firmly on the map. Sure we will meet up again in the future.




Dismayed this is for you ........

Regarding Earthworks I am still awaiting the call !!!


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