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Paul an elderly gent had recently had heart surgery

However, there is another reason for a visit to the doctors.

"It`s very embarrassing, Doctor. But I keep breaking wind in company. I was at the golf club Thursday and couldn`t stop myself. On Friday it was all quiet in the chess club until I let one go. Same thing has happened at the Dancing Club, the Social Club and the Gardeners Club. I can`t seem to stop blowing off."

"Alright" says the Doctor, "Let`s check a couple of things. Are you wearing any gold or precious stones?"

Paul somewhat puzzled says, "Good Lord, no. Never been into wearing anything like that."

"And do you do any digging on your allotment?"

"No. I haven't got an allotment yet - my new shovels are still in the loft ."

"Mmmm" says the Doctor, "I think I see your problem. High spades, a dodgy heart, too many clubs and no diamonds. With a hand like yours you`re bound to trump!"

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Deleted with apologies for any offence caused to anybody. It was not my intention to offend but judging from the responses to my joke I feel it only right to remove it. I can only remove my post so anybody who has quoted it will have to remove it from there postings if they wish it gone.

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I see a consortium of Nigerian Insurance Group and Nigerian Oil Group is taking over Newcastle. The club will now be known as NIG NOG NEW. :wink:


I still feel this is disgraceful Wolfie and would be pleased if you deleted it.

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PJ wrote

you make me ashamed to be white, British and Warringtonian
and you make me ashamed to be a scouser.


Only a red could come out with such trash.


The fact PJ - is that it is you that can't take it. Your pathetic attempt at a joke at Eagle and wolfies expense was met by a joke from wolfie that caused you to crack. Up to that point you had given as well as you got but the cheap and vile snipe at wolfies wife was uncalled for. The only surprise is that the moderators allowed it to continue. However considering that they are led by another 'red' it is hardly surprising.


I also have been at the receiving end of wolfies scouse jibes but if he had come out with a similar remark as you he would have been banned.

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I found that to be in the poorest of taste, as a scouser I have in the past had a good natured banter with Wolfie and Eagle I repeat good natured but what you did was disgusting and shows how low you can stoop to have a dig at someone I have never seen wolfie or eagle ever bring a members family into an argument and I doubt they ever will.


I feel its about time the moderators put a stop to this childish tit for tat arguing and if that means barring you from the forum then so be it.



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