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7th December 1941.


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Been watching BBC2's "WW2 behind closed doors"; which deals with the double dealing and expediency of the top politicians, while guys were fighting and being killed. :? Britain declared war on Germany, because they invaded Poland, part of which was annexed by the Russians at the same time. :shock: A (democratic, pro-western) Polish Government was set up in London for the duration, and Poles fought for us in the Battle of Britain and at Monte Casino. :cry: Sadly, their reward was to see Churchill sell Poland out to the Soviets, BUT the reality was, he couldn't have done anything about it - he actually commisioned a report on the possibility of military operations against Russia - the conclusion was "no chance". :shock: The Yanks wern't too bothered at the time, as Stalin gobbled up E/Europe, as they were concentrating on gobbling up Japan. :roll:

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