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Reducing funeral costs?

Geoffrey Settle

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Thanks Inky Pete - the link above is a very good source of information.


Some useful tips for me to use afterall I'm one day closer death than I was yesterday (as we all are) - so we need to be prepared and should NOT leave a big bill behind us when we go especially as we never quite know when that might be. :wink:

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But you will leave a load of Bills behind, the funeral that I went to last week was cica 3,000 pounds.


If you have any relatives left behind then they will pick up the tab. In addition best making a will so that what little money you have left goes where you want it to go. Even then it's not straight forward.

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Talking of funerals,as you are, reminds me of an aquaintance who went on holiday with his family, including his mother in law, to Wales.

Whilst there, the mother in law died. They went to an undertaker who informed them that it would cost, at that time, 400 pounds just for them to just transport the body home.

They were in a quandry because they could not afford to pay 400 pounds. The undertaker informed them that there was no law preventing them from transporting the body themselves, providing it was well wrapped up. So, they did that. They wrapped the body in a blanket then wrapped brown paper around it and tied it onto the roofrack of his car. He said it looked just like they were carrying a roll of carpet.

They set off for home with the mother in law's body tied securely on the roofrack. On the way they stopped off for refreshments and toilets at a service station. On returning to their car they found someone had stolen the body, probably thinking it was carpet. Can you imagine the shock they would have had on unwrapping it and finding it was a dead body!?

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Great story brought a smile to my face - but it makes a good point about phantom hidden expenses of funerals even before the service takes place.


I believe the Co-op do a good insurance cover, well worth the investment there or with similar companies.


Are you on commission from Co-op insurance by any chance Geoff :?:?

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