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ABBA Taxis - as they are now known.


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going back on what the taxi team said Just because abbas fares on the rate card are cheaper doesn?t mean the customer will get charged that, at least with the hacks the meters are checked and sealed so as long as you see the meter being put on you will be charged the right price.



O.M.G how have you the face to say that???. So here we go on a mater you can be robbed blind ok ?. here is how it?s done most of the time. From a time depending on the time of the day or night you are on diffract rates.

these are called taffies.

Which is not automatically set on a timer clock? But by a button the driver as to press before the meter starts. So if your rate at the time is taffi one they will press taffi? two which is a night taffies i.e. higher rate to pay. But its says on the meter the right amount but at a higher rate. You start at a higher rate as you should. I must admit this is not used as much in the day time but at night when it?s on taffi two you will be charged taffi three. This is because of the following you are drunk or you do not notes..

Plus here is another one if you hale a cab on the street you will get extract added on ?this is called a flag a charge. This is added to the rate of the overall distanced you have gone. Now all this will be put on your end bill which will one will be right as it reads on the meter?.now that?s how it?s done and is used time and time again.

On PHV you do not have this and can ask before you even get into the cab how much.

That?s what it will be and if you do complaint you can call the office. On the PHV system you can get the matter sorted ASP you can not say that about the hackneys?FACT and you can on the PHV you can even get touch with management who will sort the matter out for you with result as well as an apology.

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Well don?t read it then if you?re not interested. :P


Just to add slightly and also to clarify what Steve?s saying.


There are basically two kinds of taxis, Private Hire such as Abba, Crown etc and Hackneys who generally don?t have a trading name to identify them.


Private Hire companies work on the basis that you have to call their office to book a car. They are not allowed to just pick up people on the street and they are NOT required to use a meter and instead just record the mileage then use a chart to determine the price. Any issues of overcharging can simply be taken up with the company who should have a complete computerised record of your journey.


Hackneys on the other had can just be waved down on the street. They DO have to use meters that are set and sealed by the council and these meters DO charge differing rates for late night or bank holiday working. True an unscrupulous driver may change this rate but most modern meters are programmed only to change rate from the internal clock/calendar. Hackneys are generally more expensive than private hire and if you think you?ve been over charged then your going to have a devil of a job proving it.


And finally just to correct one thing Steve said that isn?t quite right. With both types, you have the right to negotiate and agree a maximum fare prior to the journey, (a verbal contract) although many drivers will tell you I only go by the meter or the rate card. They?re wrong.


Bill :)


Sorry if that bored anyone. :lol:

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well I understood your bit Bill :D
Aye makes sense.


Wish I knew the ins and outs as Bill explained them last year when taking a cab from Manchester airport. (Our Warrington based airport specialist had let us down.)


Got a rate from the driver to warrington, when I got out to pay at Callands, he digs out his rate card and points to Gemini. Obviously I argued the toss, but after a long tiring flight couldn;t really be bothered, so just paid, sans tip of course.


Lesson learned though.

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You forgot to mention that in hackney cabs ( well when I was driving them a loooong time ago ) there is a little button on the meter thats says 'Extras' over it....some unscrupulous drivers could and would hit this button with their index finger every time they put the car in 1st , 3rd or 5th gear...the untrained eye would know nothing about it other than the journey costing mebbe 50p more than last time they took the same trip!


And then you tip them !!! lol

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To the untrained eye maybe, but the trained eye spots the big red illuminated numbers under the word extras. 8):lol:


In all fairness to the Hack drivers though, they do have all sorts of charges they can lump on as extras such as baggage, prams etc but they don?t usually bother.


Bill :)

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I must clarify this topic ??.not all hackney drivers use this underhanded charges system.

this was a reply by me to someone saying that it?s a lot easy for private hire drivers to overcharge people.

this was a reply which is a fact and stand by that hackneys drivers have more tools to use to overcharge people.

than what private hire drivers have.


but as a fact I am sorry to say in Warrington it goes on a lot

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I must clarify this topic ??.not all hackney drivers use this underhanded charges system this was a reply by me to some saying that it?s a lot easy for private hire drivers to overcharge people this was a reply fact that I gave and stand by that hackneys have more tools to overcharge people than private hire drivers but as I a fact I am sorry to say in Warrington it goes on a lot
Clarifies it for me anyway :shock:
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