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New Taxi Law?


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Just wondering if a new law had been brought in lately?


I went into town yesterday and the number of cars driving through the thick fog with no lights, or just sidelights was astonishing. Many of the offenders were of course "professional" drivers, ie. Taxi drivers.


Of course as they are "professional" it may be I am in the wrong, as I am just an amateur? So as we seem to have a lot of them posting here now, and they seem very up on doing things legally, perhaps they could tell me if driving in fog without lights is now fine?



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Not exactly a "pea-souper" was it? :roll: Have you noticed in "thick" fog, how your headlights refect back off the fog, making visibility even worse - basically a judgement call - starting with, don't drive in such conditions unless you have to. :wink:
You're saying yesterday wasn't a day for headlights? Mr Box-junction once again picking the laws (and in this case common sense) that he'll abide by :roll:
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Wasn't that bad when I went out - so perhaps you can start refering to the actual laws that are being broken - instead of inventing them. :roll: As for box-junctions, I've got another for you: "give way" lines at junctions; apparently disregarded by nerds following in a queue! :wink::lol:
Ah, wasn't "that bad" eh? So rather than abiding by the law, that when visibility is reduced you must use dipped headlights - this includes when it's rainng, so I'm sure even you would admit that fog qualifies? - you will decide when it's "foggy enough"?


Quite the little law breaker aren't we? Those box junctions though! :roll:

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Quite the little law inventor Fatso, arn't you - paste the relevent section up and I might concede the point, think I touched a nerve with that box junction one! :wink::lol:
I'd be amazed, you never concede a point, as we saw when it was pointed out in your trivial box junction complaint, that you were just as bad with your horn blasting. I doubt you'd concede a point if you were playing Andrew Murray :roll:








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EH??? I just read the first of your links and it says...


113-116: Lighting requirements113



use headlights at night, EXCEPT on a road which has lit street lighting. These roads are generally restricted to a speed limit of 30 mph (48 km/h) unless otherwise specified


That's just stupid ! Does it mean that we can all drive on most of the roads in Warrington at night (as most are 30mph) LEGALLY and SAFELY with only our low visibility side lights on and not our headlights.


God help all the cyclists and pedestrians is all I can say :shock::roll:


Sometimes rules and regualtions are best ignored eh :wink:

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