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Ancient Manuscript Evidence


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Here's a fun and informative (if rather long, though very humorous) YouTube movie of a speech on the issue of the survival and reliability of the New Testament Greek text. Should answer a few sceptical questions on this issue at least, especially as this is hard data we are dealing with. Expecting the usual moaning from the same old quarters, though! :lol:






Meanwhile I'll get my head down being busy with what I was being busy with!


Probably get messages saying "mehmehmehmeh :roll:" Funny how they don't get all sceptical about Caesar's writings or Tacitus' for example! :wink:

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Inky; Jesus was crucified in AD 33. P52 of John 18 dates fro AD 110.


Tacitus wrote about events a century before his time.


Caesar was contemporary indeed. But so was Mark's Gospel's sources. Note Mark expects you to know which High Priest and Governor was in charge in 33.


Finally, Caesar's manuscripts are about 10 in all, dating from around AD 900.


Contrast that with 5000 Greek manuscripts existing right through to AD 1000 from AD 110 onwards.


Besides, your dating of the New Testament is all wrong.


James AD 40


Paul's Letters AD 49-67


1 and 2 Peter AD 64


Mark AD 64


Matthew and Luke AD 69


John AD 90

Hebrews AD 68


1, 2, 3 John AD 90-95


Jude AD 90


Revelation AD 95.


The other false Gospels did not exist until after AD 155 at the earliest, given that Marcion only doctored the New Testament in AD 140 because there was nothing else, and the Gnostic Tatian published a harmony of the Four Gospels in AD 155, the Diatessaron, indicating that not even the Gospel of Thomas, which is heavily dependant on the Syriac translation of the Diatessaron.


So, Inky Pete, if the NT was not written until hundreds of years after Jesus, explain to me the Chester Beatty Papyri of the Four Gospels, Paul's Letters, and Peter's Letters which are in Dublin Castle and date from the 2nd and 3rd centuries?


Just the usual ignorance.

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Of course, inky pete has made category errors. In this case he's mixed up historicity issues (is the New Testament true?), canonicity issues (are the New Testament books the true selection or has the Church been doing censorship and jiggery-pokery?) and textual issues (are the books of the New Testament still with the content the original authors wrote through the process of copying of manuscripts?). The last category is all this thread was launched for, but bring 'em on, I'm happy to discuss all three providing you're not chicken or easily offended.


In the meantime, watch this amusing video:




The mysterious bloke in the suit they refer to later on, is Dr. Dan Wallace, one of the world's leading experts on the text of the Greek New Testament. :wink:


It got me laughing, anyway!


Finally, the Church did not discard the other Gospels as they neither wrote the Gnostic ones nor took the pious fiction ones like Peter and the Infancy Gospel of Thomas seriously.


But, if people think Jesus taught "Know Yourself", spent all His time laughing on the Cross, said Mary Magdalene had to become a man in order to inherit the Kingdom of God, that a floating, talking Cross came out of the tomb proclaiming with a loud voice that Jesus was risen, that He spoke from the cradle and performed miracles as a child though John's Gospel says His first miracle was during His adult ministry when He turned water into wine at the wdding in Cana, and the people of Nazareth rejected Him in the Synoptics due to Him having showed nothing special about Him earlier in His life, according to these other later fictional Gospels, then be my guest! :wink:

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Is that the best you can come up with, Inky Pete? Why didn't you think up that joke before I replied? I was away doing other things. Ditto with afterwards up to now. Zzzzz, nothing doing, move on, hey up, plod plod. As the pretty rubbish BBC kid's programme Why Don't You theme song, "Why don't you switch off the TV and do something less boring instead?" As a kid I always responded by saying, "OK, I will!" So I switched off the TV and did something less boring instead! :lol:


Time to disappear again!

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