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Sat 6/12 Warrington Nature Conservation Forum - Risley Moss

Geoffrey Settle

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Warrington Nature Conservation Forum would like to invite everyone interested in wildlife and nature to Risley Moss Local Nature Reserve (visitor?s centre) on Saturday 6th December 9:30am for our next meeting.


There will be updates on local Nature Conservation issues highlighting the important work that the forum has been doing this year, plans for 2009 and how you can get involved.


Richard Gardner, Northwest Lowlands Water Vole Officer will be our key speaker. He will be talking about the life of a Water Vole and how we can find out more about them in Warrington.




The meeting is open to everyone and no specialist skills or knowledge is required. You will be able to chat with friendly like-minded people over a brew and a mince pie and learn more about what goes in your Town!


For more information please telephone Helen on 01925 715114

or email hlacy@warrington.gov.uk.


Or ask me via this thread. :D

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Hi PJ,


By all mean bring your little girl along you are both more than welcome. As Helen said in an email to members today 'If you are one of the new members to the forum please give me a tap on the shoulder and make yourself known, new faces are always very welcome'. I know that she'd love to hear of any suggestions and idea from young and not so young.


Last year one of the rangers brought pine cones, fat and nuts to make bird feeders.


There will be a bit of AGM business at the start of the meeting, but this shouldn't take long. It will be followed by Brian giving a brief review of what's been going on and then the talk.


Again from her email Helen says that

Richard Gardener the Watervole officer, has been surveying many areas across the town this summer to see how our population of these special mammals is faring. To find out what the situation is be sure to attend the meeting and hear direct from Richard what he's discovered and how wet he got!.


I'm sure that his talk will inspire any youngsters who turn up and make them want to investigate the wildlife around Warrington for themselves so be prepared :D

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There was a very good turn out today (thanks Gary for the promotion) for the meeting at Risley Moss Nature Reserve and a great talk by Richard Gardener the Cheshire Water vole Officer. It was good to see and hear that Warrington has several areas where there is clear evidence of Water Voles, Padgate Brook for one.


Richard is asking for Volunteers to help him with his Water Vole survey next year. The more people who can help the better the picture will be to help protect the furry creature.


Details on this and the many other activities that the forum is involved in can be found in the latest edition of the Warrington Nature Conservation Forum's newsletter. It should be available soon in your local library and Ranger Offices Cabin or I can send you an electronic copy.

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