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Pensions timebomb.


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Well, I've made tongue in cheek reference to the Government's need to forget all this anti-smoking, anti-drinking and anti-junk food guzzling nonesense - and just let folk decrease their life expectancy - thus saving on their pensions. :shock: Well it seems the Insurance Sector are already there, offering cheaper annuities if your a drinker, smoker or overweight - thus the healthier you are, the more you'll pay for life cover! :shock: Seems when they brought in the pensions system, they totally mis-calculated the longevity of the pre-war and baby boom generations, there are now more over 60s than under 16s, so less folk to work to pay the increasing pension mountain. :shock: Well they've tried their best to solve the problem with C-diff and MRSA, but perhaps the next flu pandemic will sort it out?! :wink:

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