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gary barton

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hi to any old school friend's.myself i went to padgate high school and looking for anyone who remembers me.1980-1985.i really would like to find a girl who i used to go out with.her name is zoey lyons who lived on aspinall close cinnamon brow i lived on jervis close,and also kerry dolan who lived next to her.we used to hang out together.i now live in chicago il usa.i always think about the good old day's of growing up and will never forget warrington and all the people i made friend's with.ttfn gary...

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Originally posted by gary barton:

hi geoff,gary here.cheer's mate i owe you one.i have found so many people on that site you told me to go on.i have already sent e-mail's to all the girl's i know lol.in the good old day's,ttfn gaz!! :onfire:

Magic Gary no probs. Actually you could so hellow to a Professor Settle - for me, he's based at one of your local Iniversities and looks like a character from Lord of the Rings - nonest straight up. I'll try and find more details. - Plus I've only passed through Chicago airport once 14 years ago en route for Denver and a great skiing holiday at Breckenridge - please apologise for the massive bottle of whisky that was meant for Les who lived in Denver at the time. We washed the floor at Customer with it - The bottle had been in a carrier bag on the back of my daughters push chair - when I lifted her out the weight of the bottled tipped the chair - oops So thank you for the Chicago memories.
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