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UK Firms To Axe Thousands Of Jobs


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Cable group Virgin Media says it plans to lose up to 2,200 jobs by 2012 as part of an overhaul of the group.


The majority will go before the end of 2010, but the process will not begin for another year.


Virgin Media has 76 offices across the UK, with major bases in London, Edinburgh, Nottingham and Sheffield. It was formed by the merger of Telewest and ntl in 2006.


The announcement came after Yellow Pages firm Yell said it expected to shed another 1,300 jobs over the coming year.


Jobs will go across the company as Yell looks for annual cost savings of ?100m by the end of March 2010.


Reading-based Yell hopes most of the losses can be achieved through natural wastage.


Pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline has revealed plans to close its factory in Dartford, Kent with the loss of 620 jobs.


A further 200 jobs are to go technology firm Psion after the company issued a profits warning.


The hand-held computer and mobile phone software specialist said it has been hit by firms shelving IT projects to save money as the economic downturn bites.


London-based Psion is aiming to save around ?15m a year. Most of the job losses will be in Canada. :cry:

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