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Doesn't it make you sick?


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Another toddler battered to death by his mother and company with many injuries including a broken back. The baby was "known " to the Social Security imbeciles and was visited 60 times.

The usual "Lessons will be learned" is trotted out, why is their no bloody accountability.

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I cried with anger, and sorrow for that little boy, when I heard about this. Another little child who knew nothing but pain and neglect in his brief life and, dear God, once again we tolerate it. Everyone let the baby down, the Social Services were no doubt doing their PC damnedest to make sure the mothers "human rights" weren't infringed, and he was tortured almost under their noses.


I'm not a violent person, just the opposite, but in cases like this I would, if I had the power, make the punishment fit the crime. Those swines broke a little child's back, an action that screams to Heaven for vengeance and justice, and I would have the perpetrator suffer the same fate. Why do we say that a few years in prison is enough? Why is a child's life so poorly valued?

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It seems that the social workers accepted some pretty lame excuses during their visits. I know they are haunted by the spectre of Cleveland, but surely anyone with an ounce of compassion would have noticed that all was not well in that child's life. I can't say I'm too impressed with the paediatrician(sp?) who didn't examine the child in hospital because he was a bit cranky. A broken back and a few broken ribs tend to have that effect. :evil:

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