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British leader asks Saudis to help fund IMF


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British Prime Minister Gordon Brown made a direct plea on Sunday for Gulf states to contribute to the International Monetary Fund's reserves to bailout out struggling countries ? promising that they would have a say in any future new world economic order.


Brown, who has drawn ire from some oil producing states for criticizing a recent decision by OPEC to cut production to lift prices, also told business leaders here that it was in everyone's interest to have a stable price for crude oil.


"I believe that your country has a crucial role to play and your voice must be heard," Brown told business leaders in a breakfast address on the first stop of a tour of the Gulf that includes Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

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Not sure he is the right person to be asking :shock:


Brown might succeed in convincing the Gulf States to cough up some more dosh into the IMF fund pot to stop the global problems as long as he promises that none of the money will come in the direction of Britain or the USA :wink:


Iceland :? , Hungary and Ukraine have already been allocated ?18.6bn of the current IMP fund and Pakistan is expected to requesting aid too.

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:lol: Bailiffs are very sneaky :wink:


Good old Gordon does seem to be making a global name for himslef with all this though. Apparently some countries are hailing him as a hero :shock:


Well if he pulls it all off and stops us all plunging into a huge recession etc etc I might consider voting for him next time 8):shock:

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