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Friends from the past


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I was born in Waverly Avenue, Appleton, in 1936, moved to Oz with my parents in 1950.

Just a punt, but I went to Orford C of E school, lived in Birtles Road, Orford...is Jimmy Jolly still around?

Won a scholarship to Boteler Grammar School for Boys, lived in Windsor Drive, Grapenhall then..is Bryan England out there? And Sheelagh Moss, my last girlfriend before leaving, ( I missed her for ages !)

I'll be a regular here now, great place to visit, ( but I'm happy to live in Oz!)

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couldn't say which Gary, but glad he saw the post.

Would probably help if I stated my name....

Alan Street.

Incidentally, the reason for a train as my avatar is that my main computer hobby is Microsoft Train Simulator, there are a couple of routes that run through Warrington, it's great driving a steam train

(or a modern diesel) around the area, over the ship canal at Latchford, for instance.

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hi her i really cant help with any names that you have mentioned as i am only 28 but i am researching my own family tree and may have had some family that went to the same school as you or lived near by you in orford there surnames are millward living in either clegg street,west avenue and then fellows in keswick avenue but i will see if my dad can recall any of the names thanks for your time.

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I was born (1943) and bred in Orford, just off Smiths Drive in Lyndale Avenue. I went to High School and knew a few Boteler boys, but no names you mentioned were familiar. Although I am still in regular contact with various folks from Warrington I dont think they would be of much help to you. Warrington has changed, and not for the better! The rot set in when the annual Xmas tree was not allowed to be put up at Market Gate.I also worked p/t at The Lion to earn the money for my fares back and to Liverpool to work.My dad was a bowling/billiards champ in Warrington. Enjoy all that sun in Oz.My friend in Melbourne was hoping for rain, which eventually arrived.


Brenda Callaghan

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