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Phil Spector Documentary - very interesting

Geoffrey Settle

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Did anyone watch the Phil Spector documentary last night?


Maybe I was my badly tuned TV but I found it hard to follow at times.


Having said that I hadn't realised the groups that he had been involved with especially the Beatles and particularly John Lennon. Phil didn't look like he was all there and in the court room his hands never stopped shaking and his eyes often looked red raw - signs of great internal strife and pressure. It was very interesting to see the involvement that he had with the lyrics of songs especially John's and how he produced the track God at almost the same time as My Sweet Lord by George Harrison especially as he appears to be an atheist. He was able to get in the zone and suspend his belief for the production he is as one with the artists.


Maybe because of this ability and the lack of conclusive scientific evidence surrounding the murder the jury were undecided. :roll:


Perhaps the most interesting part of the programme was the combination of playing particular track from the artist against the background of the court room scenes and enactments within the courtroom - very thought provoking. :wink:

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Phil Spector was an absolute genius ! way, way ahead of his time and creating what became known as the unique 'Wall of Sound' ........... if you want to hear any classic songs that were written or produced by this highly talented man then listen to the Friday night Memories show on Radio Warrington :wink: ........



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I also watched the programme, having been a fan of spectors since college days I was looking forward to this and it didn't dissapoint.


Even though I knew of his involvement, I also didn't realise the vast amount of influence he cast over everything.


Top TV, which is a change.


Back to X Factor now...

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