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Is it me..........


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Or are some teams in this league are really poor and have no quality about them. What was it with the league leaders ossett today, what a poor team. They were no better than us, noting the rain and the wind i'm very disappointed with the quality of visiting teams to C Park. Chorley and Bamber bridge seemed to have more quality and played entertaining football.


Maybe just maybe we could finish in the top half this season if visiting teams are this poor :P

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Warrington actually drew 1-1 with the table toppers and deserved to win really.

The appalling conditions did not make for pretty football.

Not quite sure what Karl was expecting :?

I thought the second half was pretty decent football considering the conditions allthough the first half was not memorable.

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I think the point he is making, is that the standard of the top teams is not superior to WTFC, which is surprising. as I think most thought that the standard was a lot higher, given the teams involved.


Sorry for the confusion lads, the point i was trying to raise is that the standard of the teams we have played this season do not seem to be of any higher standard than our fully fit squad. Cannot pin point any particular side that has impressed me enough to say they deserve to win the league or are promotion contenders. In fact it seems that all teams we have played are of a similar standard to us. Which proves if we can get it together a pull of a string results we could get out of this league come next april. Patience is the key :lol:

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are you saying that if we did manage to sneek promotion (mybe finsh 5th and win the playoffs) we would turn down the opportunity.


This does not sound good, how much more do we need coming in to make sure this does not happen?

Twice as many!

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We would need to see a big increase in support to make it financially viable to play in the league above with most clubs in the Premier on double our budget- and we've already beaten two of them in the cup this season! :roll:


Gary surely with each of our new investors putting 10k each into the club surely we have a few Jack Walker juniors amongst them ??

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