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Paul Kennedy

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You might recall that on the old Forum we had a special topic where we could post acts of "daftness" by individuals or Government. I think it is about time that a similar topic was created on this site, so here it is, and here is the first one from today's Daily Telegraph:


Motorists risk fine for union flag


Motorists are unwittingly breaking the law by displaying the Union Flag on their number plates.


The Cross of St George, the Scottish saltire and Welsh dragon are also banned.


Drivers who display national flags face a ?60 fine and also could find they fail an MoT test because of an illegal number plate. It is thought thousands of motorists have chosen number plates with their country of origin flag, but exact numbers are not known.


Jim Fitzpatrick, a transport minister told MPs of the restrictions when replying to a parliamentary question from Bob Spink, a the United Kingdom Independence Party's only MP at Westminster.


According to Mr Fitzpatrick regulations which came into force seven years ago only allowed the display of the European Union symbol of 12 yellow stars on a blue background.


Mr Spink, MP for Castle Point, raised the issue after being contacted by motorists who had been fined for displaying national flags.


Many people were unaware of the regulations. He said: "No one believed it. This is outrageous.


"Europe is gathering around itself the trappings of a country because only countries can have a flag. Europe is becoming the country and Britain is just a region. This is just not acceptable."


The ban on national symbols became part of British law in June 2001, when it was forced through by the Government despite opposition to the move by a coalition of Tory, Liberal Democrat and nationalist MPs.


The regulations also banned symbols such as CYM for Cymru or SCO for Scotland on the plate. However, they can be carried as separate stickers elsewhere on the vehicle.


These regulations were justified by ministers as being necessary to permit ease of circulation throughout the European Union.


The disclosure comes weeks after Jacqui Smith, the Home Secretary, unveiled designs for first identity card for 60 years - with no sign of the union flag or mention of the word Britain.


Instead the credit card-sized plastic cards carried a picture of a bull - in common with other European Union identity cards - as well as five stars drawn from the stars on the official flag of the EU.


Officials said the image of a bull represented the Greek myth in which Zeus turns himself into a bull and abducts Europa, a beautiful princess.


Campaigners said it was bizarre that there were not more symbols of Britishness on the card, given that it will be used as a proof of residence.


Lorraine Mulally, a spokesman for campaigners Open Europe, said: "The use of EU symbols, instead of national ones, is part of a wider attempt to promote the idea of a common European citizenship, which EU federalists have been pushing for some time. The Government seems happy to buy into this.''


Lets fill the topic, daftness is everywhere. :wink::)

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so many stupid regulations its increadible, but its not the stupidy of the rgulations that annoys me the most, its the money spent on putting these rules through, drawing up document after document clarifying it, presenting it to various houses, passing memos ensuring regulatory bodies are set up.

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yes, someone in Liverpool got fined for having the Liverpool club crest on the car.





I also think that number plates as below should fail the MOT test



5 things that make your number plate illegal:


Moving spaces around

Italics or fancy fonts

Strategically placed screws

Images such as cartoon characters or Liverpool football emblems

Sticky tape

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Personally I think the worst thing about all this is that the Police have even bothered to stop someone and fine them for it. Just shows why so many of the public are now so distrusting of the forrce when they can be bothered to do that but would never dream of turning up when you called them


As for Europe.... well I really do despair!

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Yep :wink:


All suppliers of number plates have to be registered with the DVLA. Also if you need a replacement number plate you have to supply proof to the supplier that the car and it's registration are actually yours.


Having the supplier name on it enables a replacement plate to be traced back to the supplier who of course will have copies all the appropriate documentation obtained from the vehicle owner... maybe :wink: Large fines for those who do not comply apparently.


It was an attempt to stop the illegal purchase and use of false plates and also to stop suppliers printing plates which did not match the regulations for spacing and type font/size etc. Hefty fines for both the driver and the supplier.


Don't think it completely worked though as there are still a lot of what they class as 'illegal' plates on cars :?


One thing I've noticed is that when I see a car with a personal 'tweaked' number plate on which looks more like a name or a word I tend to notice it, remember the car and it's registration number immediately... So maybe it's not such a bad thing but I would imagine that not many crooks have custom plates because of this very reason :wink::shock:


Might get one myself... D15 MAY :wink:.

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Daily Mail


"A man who almost brought down a police helicopter when he shone a green laser into the cockpit escaped going to jail today.


Glen Porter, from Ipswich, was given a five-month jail sentence, suspended for 18 months, after the court heard he had been treated for mental health problems brought on by cannabis."


You can here it now, "M'Lud, my Client was doing heroine at the time he murdered and was therefore not responsible and should be let off"


Regarding Mr Porter, maybe the police should shine a giant laser at him and vapourise him.



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Guess his mental problems and canabis use didn't affect his aim then :?


Perhaps ebay should stop the sale laser of pens if they are so dangerous. Can't see why anyone other than idiots like him would need one anyway.


I agree with your last sentence 100% Paul :lol::D:wink:

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Daily Mail:


"Villagers opposing plans for a travellers site have accused a council of attempting to 'brainwash' their children after pupils were made to pledge to be nice to gypsies.

Youngsters aged between six and 11 were asked to stand up and promise to 'welcome newcomers' and not bully them.

The incident happened at one of a series of workshops for children as part of a Local Democracy Week, where talks were given by Norwich and Norfolk Race Equality Council.

A large proportion of the scores of children present were from Spooners Row Primary School, near Wymondham, Norfolk.

Residents there are battling plans by South Norfolk District Council to build a permanent travellers' site with eight pitches.

One parent, who asked not to be named, said: 'It appears as if the council was targeting children with propaganda to try and get them on-side."


Makes you think. :wink:

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Makes you think. :wink:


If it is true then it really does make me think that as an able bodied, white, hetrosexual male who drives a car and doesn't smoke; although I am in the actual majority, my views and those like me count for absolutely bugger all in Nu Labour Britain.


Damn the lot of them

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Isn't it normal for council's to sometimes try and brainwash kids if their parents oppose something that the council actually want :lol:


Anyway in this instance perhaps it's more of a .......


Be nice kids and you never know you might be able to marry one of them at 16 and enjoy a ?100,000 wedding:shock: and a new home too (ok so static caravan but they are very nice these days :D )


Guess living the traveller life obviously does have it's benefits (especially if you are in Congleton) as how many of us could afford to splash that amount out on our kids wedding :shock:


You know what... I'm beginning to see why they chose to live the lives the way they do. I think it would be quite nice :D

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Daily Mail:


An illegal immigrant who killed a brilliant young writer by driving into her at 60mph cannot be deported because it would breach his human rights.

Ahsan Sabri, 28, was unlicensed and not properly insured when he roared through a red light and ploughed into Oxford University graduate Sophie Warne.

The 30-year-old died instantly from a broken neck. She had published five books, was writing her first novel and was about to announce her engagement.

But the High Court overturned an immigration tribunal decision that Sabri - who had overstayed his visa - should be sent home to Pakistan.

The judge ruled that deporting him would breach his right to 'respect for family life' as he had married a British woman in 2003 and had a daughter, born last May, with her.

Lord Justice Sir Martin Moore-Bick said that if he left Britain, Sabri's wife, Laura Gleeson, 25, a graphic designer, from Essex, and their baby would probably follow and that would 'interfere with their private and family life'.

He accepted Sabri's claim that his wife may have trouble finding a job in Pakistan and could suffer ' broadly based threats and difficulties' as a result of being a Christian.

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But surely he was locked up for killing the woman? And what does "not properly insured" mean? If he didn't have a licence he shouldn't have been driving never mind having insurance or not. We live in strange times being ruled by people with peculiar ideas about justice (i.e. they're all as nutty as fruitcakes) :roll::roll::roll::roll:

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It is disgraceful that when an Immigration Tribunal actually gets it right then some senile benighted gobbin can overrule them on yuman rites grounds. The murderer should have got life but since he didn't he should be kicked out of the country taking with him his wife who chose to marry an illegal and the bloody High Court Judge as well.


What happened to automatic deportation of criminals.

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It would seem that a certain degree of vigilantism is starting to appear in the country.


A lad who had killed two other youths in a car crash while he was driving high on drink and drugs has been stabbed to death only days after being released after serving his "sentence" (the driving conviction was in 2007 and this is now 2008 so you can see how long he got inside and that justice was never done in the first place) As he was specifically targeted for the attack; Police think it was a revenge killing....nice one sherlock!


and another hoody type who was always terrorising his local area and had more convictions than the Kray twins has also been stabbed to death by what Police believe is a vigilante gang.


Looks like some people have finally had enough of this godforsaken countries attitude to law and order and the fact that the criminal has human rights when in reality they should have none at all.....


This type of thing will only get worse if you ask me!

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That's the problem Eagle; there is no "automatic" system of deportation: instead of ANY and ALL "illegals" being shipped off back to their Country on the first flight, as soon as they are apprehended; they will apply for assylum, get backing from HR Lawyers, and cost us ?millions in legal aid in a battle to keep 'em here. :twisted: As for vigilanteism Baz: your right; when justice isn't perceived as being done by these liberal judges, folk will take matters into their own hands. :shock::wink:

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Here's another to raise one's blood pressure...from the Mail...who else:


Employment officers say returning Poles are using EU rules to keep claiming UK handouts for months after returning home

Jobless Eastern Europeans who return home are being paid dole money by the British taxpayer, it emerged last night.


Thousands who leave because they have lost their jobs in the economic downturn could benefit from the ?60-a-week handouts.


They stem from a little-known EU directive which says that provided an unemployed worker is seeking a job in their homeland, they can continue to be paid benefits by the country where they were laid off.


Job centre managers in Poland are even holding workshops and seminars on how claimants can keep using the UK for unemployment handouts.


The criteria is that a person must have been claiming Jobseeker's Allowance here before they go home.


It emerged this year that benefits for children living in Eastern Europe were costing taxpayers ?28million a year.


Treasury ministers said 34,000 children in Eastern Europe were receiving child benefit supposedly earmarked for British youngsters.


Of the ?28million being spent annually to support children in Eastern Europe, ?25.7million is going to Polish families.


Parents of 19,054 first-born in Poland were being paid ?941 a year at the end of 2007, while ?629 a year was paid on behalf of another 12,345 younger children.


Workers from the eight eastern European states which joined the EU in 2004 are entitled under EU rules to claim benefits for children living at home.


British child benefit of ?18.10 a week for the first child and ?12.10 a week for siblings can be claimed by every parent.


Under reciprocal EU rules, Britons living and working in Poland can claim a maximum of ?160 a year in child benefit from the Polish government.


A spokesman for the Department for Work and Pensions said: 'You cannot receive this form of Jobseeker's Allowance unless you have been paying National Insurance contributions.


'The individual would only be eligible for up to a maximum of three months Jobseeker's Allowance support.


'These very specific circumstances would only occur should someone move from the UK while in receipt of contribution-based Jobseeker's Allowance in order to seek work in another EU member state and provided they register with that country's equivalent of Jobcentre Plus.


'British citizens are eligible for the same sort of help from other EU member states.'


Before May 2004, former prime minister Tony Blair placed a block on Eastern Bloc migrants being able to claim contribution-based state handouts.


However, once a migrant has been working and paying taxes in the United Kingdom for a year, they have the same rights as British citizens.

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