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Old friends late 40sand 50s

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Harry Hayes,your name sounds familiar,correct Crosfields,Royal Navy,49 -54,Involved in Hotel and Leisure thereafter,Last in Warrington 1984 for 1 day.Lived and worked in various parts of the world,West Africa USA and Spain.

Retired now,spend my winters in Spain and "summers" in Cornwall,Interests are motorhoming ,flying,and just latly fighting this computer.Ralph.

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Ralph, Remember quite a ggod looking "with it" chap (music - be bop interest?}. Crosfield youth club? Miss Dean; Harry Woods; Barry Crawford; Ken steele;Pete Harrison, Eddie williams - and that,s just the boys.


The only ones I ever see these days are Harry Roe and Tom Smith. Some of the above are no longer with us.


I was in the works accounts with Eric Pacey and be bopper Harry Woods. Harry Taylor and Alan Potter nearby.


Happy days


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Harry your memory is amazing !!I worked in Wages under a very strick Mr Clegg,I also knew Eric Pacey,I helped as "Callboy" on the various operatic shows performed in the Crosfields theatre.During my navy days I spent time at RNAS Stretton (HMS Blackcat)on demob I was in town for a few months,On the big band scene were Eric Pep,Roy Deakin,(what happened to Roy)Wilf Rigby Harry Jarman and another Wilf ?Eric Pep's brother used to write very good arrangements.Edna Savage and a girl called Barbara Law were singers around in those days.I fell in love moved to Birmingham,we fell out,I moved on,met a new love married her, 50 years of bliss,she sadly died last year after enduring 5 years of intorable pain

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Ralph, Having trouble getting this off to you.

Yes I knew Mr Clegg. Bosses were gods in those days. Mr Came was our leader and there was panic whenever he descended on us.

Few more names from the downstairs offices - Syd Richards; Les Holt; Olive Hedgecock; Freda Hackett; Denise Woods. Bob Hibbert used to sing with the opera group.

Wilf Rigby married the singer Joan Plant - their son Brian is still about.

Les Beddoes worked with me. He had a small band. Very good looking chap - I hated him.

Eric Pep is still about I think, the last time I saw him was as resident musician at the Lord Daresbury Hotel.


Edna Savage,s dad worked in Bank park. He was such a proud dad, even when she married Terry Dene, with all his troubles. Don,t know if Barbara Law is still about. She used to run a shoe shop in the block where the Pavilion cinema used to be, in Lovely Lane.


Hope the above brings back some memories.


By the sound of your posting you have had somme set-backs. Hope life becomes kinder towards you.


best wishes Happy days

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Harry Hayes,

Drove up to Warrington 3 weeks ago,Stayed for 6 nights,could not believe the transformation,met up with the family of a very dear friend who made me so welcome.Managed to find Crosfields,got lost many times and never reached the Market Gate by the same roads twice.Could not find the main entrance to RNAS Stretton,visited the town Records Office and Museum where info was a bit thin on the ground,little or nothing on the old dance halls,walking days(pre-war)nor HMS Blackcap.

Perhaps some of the old photographs will provoke


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Harry thanks for your e-mail. nice to hear from you again, still dont know why I never received my pension from Crosfields, I only worked there for 6 years but thought I would have received something.I remember the shop across from crosfields, also the one on the corner, two weird looking sisters ran it had a parrot, was there when I went to sacred heart school and stayed opened for several years after I left to start work. Where in cornwall do you visit. We moved back to UK in 1977 for 2 years and lived in devon, between dawlish and teignmouth.loved it down there but the kids were too canadian, so we came back in 1979.regards veronica :bounce:

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hello from canada to all in the forum, really enjoy reading everyones comments. It is Saturday Night overhere, 9-45pm guess all of you will be in noddy land lol. not the younger generation. Weather is beautiful overhere, Tuesday next week is going to be 31 with the humidex reaching 41 (lot of sweating) tha thank god for air conditioning, seeing you are getting alot of rain in the uk, we could do with some of it overhere, the grass is starting to burn, looks like we are in for a really hot dry summer. Anyway, goodnight from toronto canada.

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Many thanks to you and your father,I managed to speak to quite a number of old friends and thanks to "Eric Pep"I am again in contact with Roy Deakin a band leader from the fifties.

The old town is no longer recognisable to me,all the old small privately owned shops have long ago disappeared.All in all I really enjoyed my stay,the Monday night Swing Band and Thursdays music at "The Stag"together with meeting old friends made it all worthwhile,

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Still very little contact from old friends from Gt Sankey, Penketh and Warrington,especially we would like to hear from Margaret Wheeler Kath McDonald,Shirley Smith,Cynthia Dixon,Margaret Harper,Edna Trolman,Jean Fitzsimmons and any friends from late 40s and 50s.

Many thanks to everyone who did make contact

Rlph and Bill

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