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Burtonwood Hangers - Demolishion

mark one

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I am surprised that no one has brought this up


But the hangers at Burtonwood are within weeks of being demolished. While I understand there is a lot of idle land that should be put to better use, I feel one or two of the hangers should be left as reminder. Its part of Warringtons history.


While the hangers do not look much on the outside on the inside they are amazing. I have some pics but take a look at this link the photos are considerably better then mine.




How are they not protected is beyond me


Edited because of mistakes

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As Steve says it has been brought up on many occasions over the years and we have helped support campaigns to preserve one of the buildings witht he Burtonwood Association (of which I am a member).

But sadly it all fell on deaf ears and they will be no more! :cry:

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Great pics 'Mark one'... :D always wondered what the hangers looked like inside.


Sadly although they are an obvious part of Warrington's past history history they fall into the category of simply 'being in the way' and being replaceable.


We've just had a beautiful large locally listed school building ripped apart and every bit (apart from the new slates on the roof) was crushed into a piles of unusable rubble on site so there's not much chance for your hangers I'm afraid... sorry :cry:

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Sadly, Warrington don't seem to appreciate their history. :evil:


Maybe not, however it does not explain why they are not protected or graded


No expert on buildings/hangers but because of the history and because of the build should they not be graded/protected?


Is that not why the system is their for?

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It's alright "grading" them, but there's no money from Government at the end of the day to fund repairs/renovation. :cry::wink:


Lots of spare land around their to fund the restoration of one of them and iis not as if they couldn't be put to use afterwards


The government both local and national want to tax use to death in the name of saving the environment. Its far more governmentally friendly to refurbish building then to tear themm down

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Mark One, I love your attempt to spell demolition :wink:


That said, the hangars are amazingly redundant and have been "divorced" from the main airport infrastructure for donkey's years. As for Listing them, what "architectural merit" do they display :?: None. Historically they are far from unique as well since there are loads of similar ones down south being used to store high-performance cars that are never driven.


Maybe they could be converted into "A", "B" and "C" wings of the Titan prison that's coming to the area :?::shock:

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lol OK sorry for the spelling


They seem quite impressive inside I guess they may not be unique but they still are a symbol of what once was their


And why not convert them to wings of a prison


Watched a film from Poland where they converted a factory or something to a prison at a cost of something like ?750,000


ON a different note remember the school near sainsburys that got demolished - name slips my mind - can any one think of why it was necessary now the housing estate is built


maybe the first occupant of the new prison should be a few councillors


Appolgies for spelling mistakes past, present and future :)

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Don't worry about the spelling; not everyone can be perfect like Peter....


The old School was the Boteler Grammar School and it was apparently knocked down to provide suitable acces to the new housing estate.


As for jailing councillors responsible for these crimes against Warrington; frankly, I would have them shot for taking away these buildings. On far too many occasions, past councillors have shown such contempt for the local area that it would beg the question what they would have gained from knocking down the older buildings to allow new ones to be built by developers? :wink:

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I'm connected with the website the OP linked (thank you!). We were all gutted to see the hangars go. I'm pleased I got to see them when I did.


There are a few of us keen to preserve and document Warrington's hetitage with photographs.


We managed to get some good photos of Greenings Wire Works, Garnett's Mill and RAF Croft.

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