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Doctor Who/Smallville


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My two favourite TV shows are Doctor Who and Smallville. My two favourite fictional characters are the Doctor and Clark Kent's little journalist sidekick Chloe Sullivan.


So, have fun reading these two fan fictions I've written. A third is currently being worked on:


The first one, 'Ostreatus', in which the Tenth Doctor teams up with the young Clark Kent:




And the second, 'Ostreatus II/ Isabelle', the first of the 'Doctor-Chloe Chronicles', all about the travels of the Doctor and Chloe Sullivan in time and space in the TARDIS:




Have fun! :wink:

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The BBC do not accept unsolicited scripts of franchises already in existence. There is a clearing house you must officially go through with scripts of your own entirely original material.


I did send 'Ostreatus' to Russell T Davies, emphasising it was not a script but a fan fiction for him to enjoy during a lunch break. It still got sent back to me with a letter explaining the rules for unsolicited scripts.


Think about it, with the enormous and growing fan fiction phenomenon on the internet, the production offices would have mountains of stuff, hence why producers select a specific teams and have a specific game plan for the seasons ahead.


And programmes like Doctor Who and Smallville are very well planned.


Now Al Gough and Miles Millar, the creators of Smallville DO accept unsolicited stuff, if only to read for fun- and they openly admitted to stealing stuff from the fans who mail them, they did not post my story back, but again, they had their own team, who are now in charge now that Gough and Millar have left.


I will eventually try to create my own stuff, but at the minute I am having fun practising with my two favourite characters on telly.


My stories seem to be moderatley popular on both the Kryptonsite and Allison Mack sites. (Allison Mack plays Chloe in Smallville.) On David Tennant's site it went down like a lead balloon, as the writers and readers there are silly teenage girls with big crushes on David Tennant and express their fantasies vicariously through Rose Tyler having mushy romantic stories with the Doctor snogging him. Zzzzzzzzzzz. Torchwood site got me a good reception for the first story, but the server keeps crashing due to code problems imbedded in my second story. Obviously the witch Isabelle is causing me problems! Or maybe it's Gertrude! :D

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