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The Picnic


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Two tortoises decided to go on a picnic.

The problem was that the picnic site was 2 miles away and It would take them 5 days to get there. They packed some lettuce and cucumber sandwiches up and a bottle of ginger beer, and off they went.


After a five day slog they made it to the picnic site, and decided to quench their thirst with the bottle of ginger beer.


Oh no! said one of the tortoises we have left the bottle opener at home. One of us will have to go back and get it. You are the youngest said the first tortoise, so it will have to be you.


I?m not going back said the other tortoise, you?ll only eat the lettuce and cucumber sandwiches while I am away. No I wont said the first tortoise I am a tortoise of my word, and I promiss you I wont even look at them.


So off the younger tortoise went to get the bottle opener from home.

10 days passed and he still hadn?t returned. So the older tortoise decided to give it a while longer. 12 days, 14 days, 15 days and still no sign of his mate.


The older tortoise thought to himself, I?ll starve to death if he doesn?t turn up soon. I don?t suppose it will do any harm if I just have 1 sandwich, he?ll never know anyway.


Just as he was biting into his sandwich, the younger tortoise stepped from behind a rock and said;


I KNEW IT!! I KNEW IT!!! ............. I?M NOT GOING NOW.

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