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How daft does it have to get?

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Moving the theme of "daftness" on, here is an article from the Daily Telegraph regarding bureaucracy and the UKs strict interpretation of an EU Directive..........on waste or maybe it is just soil.


Take time to read it, it is just the tip of a massive iceberg.



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Here is another one from today's Daily Mail:


"When a girl of 12 swore at her in the street, Joanne Wilson did what she believed any right-minded mother should do.


The 38-year-old ticked off the youngster and went straight to her parents to warn them of their child's naughty behaviour.


So Mrs Wilson, a mother-of-two, was stunned when, a few weeks later, she found herself hauled into a police station and locked in a filthy cell for almost five hours.


She was arrested and her mugshot, finger prints and DNA samples were also taken.


Officers told Mrs Wilson that the girl claimed she had been dragged to the ground during a confrontation and they were investigating an allegation of common assault.


But Mrs Wilson, who could have faced a maximum sentence of six months in jail if convicted, protested her innocence and three months later the allegations were finally dropped.


Last night the hairdresser, who lives with husband, Jason, 38, in Blackley, Greater Manchester, said the ordeal had been very upsetting for herself and her family.


She has made a formal complaint to Greater Manchester Police, who she accused of being heavy-handed.


'I'm a law abiding taxpayer and yet I was treated like a hardened criminal,' Mrs Wilson said.


'My DNA and fingerprints will be on the police database for life and to be labelled a child beater has damaged my reputation.


'I went through three months of hell and if there was any justice this girl would be charged with wasting police time.'


Mrs Wilson's ordeal began when she took her two children, Jessica, nine, and George, four, to their grandmother's house, in Collyhurst, Manchester, during half-term in February this year.


George and another boy were playing in the garden when Mrs Wilson intervened because they started squabbling and the other boy spat at her son.


Mrs Wilson insists she asked the child politely not to spit at George, but a row broke out because the boy's older sister, 12, accused her of bullying her brother.


"I said to her: 'Look, they've been playing nicely all afternoon, don't interfere,' but then the 12-year-old girl started swearing at me and calling me a fat cow,' Mrs Wilson said.


'I wasn't going to stand for that so I said: 'Who are you talking to?' and told her I was going round to her parents' house to sort it out.'


Verbal abuse


But when Mrs Wilson arrived at the youngster's parents' home she claims she was met with more verbal abuse and swearing from her mother and father.


They told her she had thrown their daughter to the ground during the argument and that they had called in the police.


Nevertheless, Mrs Wilson was flabbergasted when, three weeks later, she received a letter ordering her to attend a nearby police station for questioning.


When she told officers the date was not convenient, because it clashed with her daughter's swimming competition, Mrs Wilson claimed officers warned her she risked being arrested in the early hours of the morning and her children taken into care if she failed to cooperate.


On March 7 Mrs Wilson attended Grey Mare Lane police station, Beswick, Greater Manchester, where she was arrested and thrown in a cell for almost five hours. She had police mugshots, her fingerprints and DNA swabs taken.


'I couldn't believe what was happening to me, I was expecting Jeremy Beadle to appear at any moment,' she added.


Later the same day Mrs Wilson, who was reduced to tears during the police interview, was released on bail.


But it wasn't until May 23 - more than two months later - when officers informed her the case had been dropped.


Last night a spokesman for Greater Manchester Police said they had a duty to investigate the allegation of assault and that the case had been dropped on the advice of the Crown Prosecution Service.


'The CPS decided no further action should be taken due to insufficient evidence,' the spokesman said.


There were no grounds for an investigation into the youngster for wasting police time because the allegation of assault was never retracted, he added."


[ 23.08.2006, 09:29: Message edited by: Paul Kennedy ]

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Daftness it seems is an ongoing thing. Seems Birmingham Art Gallery removed a picture of a semi naked mentally ill woman who had made her home a bus shelter in Bangladesh, therefore a real life picture. Reason for its removal, because it seems it might offend Muslims. Can't believe that is the case, but there you go. :confused:


I guess many art galleries will have to cover up many pictures by classical artists as they contained not only semi naked but fully naked women.


Picture removed


[ 28.08.2006, 20:33: Message edited by: Paul Kennedy ]

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Or maybe this is daftness, the following piece in the Times:


"COMPANIES that bid for multimillion-pound Government contracts will be rejected if they do not employ enough black and Asian workers, under new proposals seen by The Times.


A powerful committee that includes seven ministers has drawn up plans to question competing companies about their attitudes to race before choosing which to employ. Firms will be asked to provide figures showing the numbers of their black and Asian employees. This figure will be compared with the proportion of people from ethnic minorities living near the company?s offices and will be a factor when deciding the winning bid.




Three pilot schemes have been authorised with the support of Downing Street ? the first time that ?positive vetting? in procurement has been approved by a British Government. It follows the release of figures showing that people from ethnic minorities are twice as likely to be unemployed as the white majority.


Programmes of ?affirmative action? have proved controversial in America, where some business leaders say that they can hinder the employment market and discriminate against white workers.


The British plans were approved last month by the Ethnic Minority Employment Task Force, which brings together seven government departments. Iqbal Wahhab, a member of the Task Force and the chairman of the Ethnic Minority Advisory Group, a government-backed think-tank, said the plans were moving ahead quickly.


?These new procurement policies are required to assist employers in making more enlightened recruitment decisions,? he said. ?It may be unpopular in certain quarters, but the fact remains that we should not have been in this kind of position in the first place.?


If the pilot schemes are successful, positive vetting across other all government departments could be introduced in 2007, a source said.


A spokesman for the British Chambers of Commerce said that the plans would hinder the competitive tendering process and make it more difficult and expensive. ?Public tenders are already complicated enough,? he said. ?Lengthening the applications will only further dissuade businesses from applying for public work.


?This will do nothing to ensure that government contracts go to the firms with the most competitive bids.?


A spokeswoman for the Department for Work and Pensions confirmed that the pilot schemes had been approved after consultation with business leaders, unions and the Commission for Racial Equality. The three schemes involve contracts with Job Centre Plus, the Identity and Passport Agency and the Department for Education and Skills. "


I understand the most powerful and feared State Sector employees are those whose job title includes the words: Ethnic, Diversity, Equal Opportunities. :wink:

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Sorry but there would be uproar if someone said that you were getting a contract because the other firm employed too many ethnic minorities and as that firm was more "white" they got the contract.


Pure and simple racist decision regardless of the spin put on it.

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Here are a few little gems for you regarding the performance of the State as controlled by this Labour Government:


The Royal Mint has conspired to turn coining money into a loss-making activity;


The Department for International Development has not one but two UK headquarters in order to fight third world poverty; and


The Assets Recovery Agency costs more money than it recovers from criminals.


Great eh, I particularly like the irony of item one.

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Another gem, police aren't going to prosecute a man for stealing a CCTV when they find him, even though he was filmed doing it by the camera he was stealing and there is a perfect picture of his face as you will see from the article; reason for non prosecution: police do not think they have enough evidence :o :confused: CCTV


[ 13.09.2006, 13:18: Message edited by: Paul Kennedy ]

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I have some sympathy for the police, because they realise that without the evidence of seeing the man actually removing the camera and walking off with it under his arm it will get kicked out when it goes to court.


I have a friend who works at a special school. A camera placed above a classroom door looking out onto the playground shows a teenage yob with a baseball bat running up to the door and apparantly smashing the window in the door. I say apparantly because at the actual point of impact the yob is just out of view. The police took it no further because they knew that the defense in court would plead not guilty because of lack of evidence. :x

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Labour has been the party in government for over 9 years now so its time to stop blaming "the previous administration" and. for heavens sake, Maggie!! 8)8)8)

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Originally posted by Mick Curran:

Its a crazy world PK but a cheap shot at Labour becouse its been going on under all political party,s.

Actually it wasn't a cheap shot at Labour at all Mick, and that was certainly not my intention, I just like to highlight waste under any and all political administrations. In fact I'm probably harsher on Conservative ones as I believe they should know better!!!
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How about the following from today's Times Online:


"The senior civil servant who was removed from office seven months ago for the bungling of ?1.5 billion in ?green? payments to farmers is still on the government payroll, earning ?114,000 a year.

While more than 3,000 farmers are still waiting for last year?s cash for looking after the landscape, Johnston McNeill, former chief executive of the Rural Payments Agency, even received a bonus of ?21,062 for overseeing the new cash system after the Common Agricultural Policy was reformed.




Since March 16, when he was ousted from his job by Margaret Beckett, who was then the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Secretary, Mr McNeill has been on ?gardening leave?. This largesse, cour- tesy of the taxpayer, is highlighted today in a report from the National Audit Office, the public spending watchdog. Mr McNeill?s tenure at the agency resulted in such financial and bureaucratic chaos that costs for the farm cash scheme may end up almost five times over budget."



I particularly "like" the bonus bit and the irony of the term "gardening leave". :x


[ 18.10.2006, 09:15: Message edited by: Paul Kennedy ]

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Here is another bit of daftness as highlighted in today's Daily Mail:


"Schoolchildren were left to cross a busy road on their own when their lollipop man went off sick - because teachers were banned from helping by health and safety zealots.


The junior school pupils - some as young as seven - had to dodge rush-hour traffic after council officials ruled that teachers were not sufficiently trained to take over."


Maybe the council officials should have done the job as it seems they were the "experts". :wink:

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Now this really would be daft......wouldn't it:


"David Beckham may be returning to Buckingham Palace soon for a knighthood.


The footballing star received an OBE in 2003 and is tipped to become a Sir in the 2007 New Year Honours following his work for the London Olympic bid.


Whispers in Whitehall have also suggested the move could be motivated by Tony Blair's anxiety to be seen as a populist Prime Minister.


If the former England captain is knighted, his wife would transform from Posh Spice to Lady Beckham - a name in keeping with their country residence nicknamed 'Beckingham Palace.'"


Daily Mail 20/10/06

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Originally posted by Paul Kennedy:

Here is another bit of daftness as highlighted in today's Daily Mail:


"Schoolchildren were left to cross a busy road on their own when their lollipop man went off sick - because teachers were banned from helping by health and safety zealots.


The junior school pupils - some as young as seven - had to dodge rush-hour traffic after council officials ruled that teachers were not sufficiently trained to take over."


Maybe the council officials should have done the job as it seems they were the "experts". :wink:

The reason given was that, should a child be run over when the crossing was being supervised by an "untrained" teacher, the council would be in danger of being sued. However if the same child was run over when crossing the road unsupervised well its just one of them things innit. Don't blame me gov!! So when are people in positions of responsibility going to take responsibility for their positions? never probably because they are overpaid jobsworths. I just wish I was paid the same rate of pay for my responsible job as they are paid for their unresponsible job. Rant over. Come out of yor shelters. Dust yourselves down. Sound the all clear etc :roll::roll::roll:
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