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I'm looking for information on Elizabeth Trotter who lived at Densham Avenue or Anthony Gleave who lived at Evelyn St?

I know Elizabeth was one of 7 children and her mother's name was Elizabeth too and her father's name was James Edward Trotter.

Anthony had a son called Wayne and a brother and sister.

They would have been living there around 1970

Elizabeth was employed as a power press operator and Anthony was employed as a moulder at a foundry, possible called Gas Stoves or he was making gas stove mouldings?

Any help would be much appreciated.


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lol Bren,

Amanda told me that someone got in touch with her from the forum...was that you?

If so I think I owe you more than a drink!!

I only got the information I posted 2 days ago and didn't think anything would come from what I posted up there. I am totally in shock at the moment.

Thankyou so much!

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Right first time, it was me and you owe me nothing.I'm so pleased for you all and so pleased to have been of help. It was obviously Mandy you were looking for as well as other family members and I'm so pleased that it's all turning out right.Mandy can't stop crying with joy, she's been searching for you for 26 years!


Bren. :)

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Thankyou dismayed!!

I cannot believe it either..I would never have thought that it would only take 2 days..I thought this was the beginning of a very long road. some people spend years searching even with the amount of information I had. I have spoke to Amanda, Lisa and even my Mother..I cant stop shaking.

Thankyou everyone! :bow:

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Sorry to butt in, I noticed the surname Gleave. I have a Joseph Gleave who married Annie Brereton - both born about 1880 - 1883. From an old paper clipping I found out that he died in WW1, as Annie is my great Aunt I would like to know if there were any children, or other information regarding Joseph and Annie. Thank you.

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