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The end of Empire?


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The collapse of the US capitalist institutions, and the proposed bail out by every American to the tune of $2,000 each; does this signal the end of the US Empire? :? Meanwhile, in these troubled economic times, China has launched three men into space, and India will be launching a rocket to the moon; are these the new Emerging Empires?! :shock::wink:

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Sorry to disappoint you Obs, but I can't see the USA collapsing the way your Socialist paradise did 17 years ago.

I do agree though, that the Chinese & Indian economies are going to make massive strides in the next few years; I'm just hoping that as the wealth of the individuals increase, they find their way to buying some of the Western goods & services.


Of course what might happen is that as the Chinese individuals' wealth increases they look towards a different political system, which of course was a contributary factor in the changes in Eastern Europe 1989 / 90

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Nah Bonz, I don't equate totalitarian dictatorship with socialism, anymore than free range capitalism - they both breed elites and exploitation. :roll: As for China wanting "democracy"; they've spent thousands of years without it, and I've not noticed Communism in China prohibiting the creation of a wealthy elite, seems they'll allow capitalism in the engine room, just as long as they are steering the ship. :wink: .

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