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Pilkington's of Warrington


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Hi I'm trying to trace any relatives of Eli Pilkington who lived at Waverley Ave, Warrington until his early death in 1947.

I am currently tracing my partners family tree and Eli was his Grandfather, his father being Eli's son Alan Pilkington. The family originate from the Oswaldtwistle/Haslingden area originally, and Eli's wife Ivy had the maiden name of Ratcliffe. A few years after Eli's death Ivy remarried a man named Fisher, i am also keen to trace these too.

As a side not Eli was born we believe in annie street Accrington.

Any help to shed any light on this would be gratefully recieved.


Best Wishes

Tracey McBride

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Yes, James Fisher married Ivy Maude Pilkington around 1949 and they lived in the house she was already occupying in Waverley Ave, Warrington. When Ivy died we believe he then married a lady named beatrice?

I have asked your local library about who was living in the house during the mid 40's it threw up 2 people we were not aware of, and we believe they were the children of James fisher(Arnold & Ronald).


I hope this helps you..


Tracey x


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wow its a small world! ,


Beatrice Fisher was my grandmother from her fist marraige, where she was a wakefield, her birth name was linskey.



I cannot tell you too much about James fisher, although his sons names do sound familiar.


beatrice and james never had any children together, but I think the fisher family had some connections to shakespear close, which ironically is off fisher avenuer in warrington.


I have too been looking into my family tree, and have stuggled with the linskeys, who supposedly come from St Helens, and ireland before that.


as always the link to 1901 is the difficult bit, especialy when all your grandparents/parents have popped their clogs or are locked up in some looney bin :)

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Hey there!!


Yes indeed we know Beatrice and James had no children.. i'm trying to trace living family at the moment, i have managed to get our tree back to 1780 on all sides, if you need any help finding your linskey roots give me a shout! i am now going to add beatrice to my tree and probably subsequently her parents. Let me know if you will be interested in the data. Incidentally do you know the whereabouts of her 2 sons? you say your related to Beatrice thru her first marriage? does that mean your father/mother is the half brother/sister of beatrice's sons Arnold and Ronald?

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No, Arnold and Ronald were not Beatrice's, I presumed you meant they were james's from another marraige or otherwise.


Beatrice from her fist marraige had



Beatrice & Annie (twins) both now deceased


& 1 son James. the youngest.


making them (A&R) step brothers to my family Mother and her siblings listed above, rather than half, but being that my side would be fairly grown up by the time of the marraige (30s), I dont think my side had any real connection with them other than maybe meeting them once or twice. weddings funerals etc.


Beatrice Died in the early 80's, I dont remember "Jim Fisher" myself, so I would presume he was dead before my cognative memories, so pre 1973, it must have been a short marraige because I was told my grandad (james wakefield) died about 1966ish


my problem is getting any news after 1901, my mother has Altzhiemers and so her memories dont realy exist in anything you could call fact, and Im not that close to the other remaining aunts and uncles.


online information such as Acenstry.com and the latterdays BD&M registries, dont seem to have any of my immeadiate family (mother grandmother, father/grandfather) I can possitively identify, of course taking some best gueses has come up with some intresting and very likely results, but you cannot ever be confident.


then my grandfathers side, is very possitive, going back to 1600 for definate links, and if I can establish one more connection via a great g g g g grandmother (very likely) back to 1000ad and nobility.


I'll send you a pm of my email so we can stop hording this thread and maybe youll get some reply on your original question.

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