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Hard backed novels


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Flippin heck....how many have you got :shock:


You could always put them on the 'Warrington Freecycle' site.


You 'offer' them (for free of course as it's all about recycling and finding new homes for stuff rather than going to landfill etc) and could even say 'for local charity'..... people who want them email you through the site and you chose who to give them too. It's a great site and great for getting rid of anything even bulky stuff.......and even better things usually go within a day :D


You have to register as a member though and all the members are in Warrington :D

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There are around 90 books , the lady said she could handle a few at a time, so I will look at the recycle site you mentioned, but I would prefer them to go to a charity.


Does anyone know if the hospital league of friends still exists, maybe they would take them.



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Hi Gary.


I got your email. I can do the 5th so will arrange to get there for 1(ish) as for the books , nothing of any value just some great novels which I reckon should go for a couple of quid each, the Tommy Smith Biography should fetch a few bob with Eagle , Wolfie, Busby and Keith R going head to head in a bidding war.



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