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74 Knutsford Road


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Please consider voicing your objections in person, by email etc to the knocking down of numer 74 Knutsford Road on corner of Albert Road with view to being replaced by office block, this will involve knocking down of some very old tree's too - check council website, there is a planning meeting 24th Sept, this is the 2nd application, the spec has altered slightly but same problems apply.


Soo much work went into getting the first application rejected, this time they are going at it from another angle, the Council are on our side but there is apathy amoungst local residents, there is a feeling / rumour/ myth that once you apply for a 3rd time you get what ever you want and people believe this aren't supporting this, this time. Do help if you can

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Sorry Gary, but you do need permission to demolish a house :roll:


I suggest you read the Town and Country Planning (Demolition - Description of Buildings) Direction 1995 and Circular 10/95 Planning Controls over Demolition.


Bay Horse.... the 17th Century villa opposite.... oops, we accidentally knocked them down on a Sunday Morning at 7 a.m...... illegal but very profitable McBain!!

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I know where you all mean now I've looked at the plans :D It was sold in auction for somewhere in the region of ?250k. Not bad for a house with so much land eh :wink:


The proposed plans look really nice actually and nothing like an office block at all. Infact it looks exactly like 4 new terraced houses :wink: which are 'in keeping' with the surrounding area. The internal layouts are also fitting of a more homely environment should they ever be sold on or converted at a later date :wink:


Obviously with things being as they are at the moment there is an over supply of new housing in the area and so approval for building new houses may be a problem... but offices and work places are more sought after and favoured when it comes to new developments.


Perhaps I'm just being cynical... make your own mind up... and here's a picture from the planning application of what the rather nice new 'office' block will look like :D



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Well am very please that at the planning meeting held last night, building was denied. That's twice now. Am so glad. Local objection is very very strong especially from those living very close and they've worked really hard for a second time so well done to them.


These were my objections the first time round - the second time round were a little different as the specification changed slightly obviously having noted locals concerns but my main concerns still stand and will do again when no doubt there is a further application:


"Knutsford Road is an extremely busy road and is very difficult to cross at any time but particularly at peak times. Traffic in my personal opinion drive far too fast and I am not aware of any speed monitoring in the immediate area. This is particularly an issue when crossing from the Albert Road side over to get to Mayfield Road as its really difficult to see on coming traffic from the right due to residents having parked out side their houses then traffic coming out of Albert road queues to turn onto Knutsford Road. Crossing to get to the Albert Road side of Knutsford Road is just as difficult, I except this but any increase in traffic from that junction would make things impossible and very dangerous.


There are a lot of elderly people living in this area that one may suggest use the pedestrian crossing but when you can?t walk far it can make a short walk to your bus stop much longer and more difficult and it may even contribute to people choosing not to go out at all and in turn loosing their independence. Several double decker buses collect very large numbers of school children ( who spill onto the road and who cross with out thinking when in a rush for the bus of a morning or just high spirits). These buses take the children to Lymm High School and drop these children off at night, this causes the other traffic to queue behind whilst the buses either fill up or empty most times, this is unavoidable but is another issue that can not afford to be made worse as it would be a safety issue and an accident waiting to happen.


This part of Grappenhall is a well established residential area where excluding the local shops, the buildings are of similar style and quality and are old and many quite beautiful. A block of offices would not in any way fit in with the local landscape and would stand out and look rather crude, also the removal of beautiful well established tree?s would also be a great shame. The very fact that the building its self is to be demolished is very sad.


I am a non driver however although I am fully aware that no one has a given right to park out side their own house unless they have a drive of course or disabled parking, no one can in this area can as it is. As I mention there are older people and those with younger children who if they could they would prefer to at least park near their own homes. As we live in a two or even three car society this problem is at a high already. If this establishment that is being built to employ 48 workers and only provide parking for 13 that could leave up to 35 cars still needing to park every day in that area. There is also the issue of construction traffic whilst the old building is demolished and the new one built. People already park half on the pavement and half on the road at the Knutsford Road end of Albert Road obstructing the pavement ? I have on many occasions had to walk on the road in the dark when walking down this part of the road because cars are parked so far onto the pavement that I can?t get through! If there is an increased need for parking by the remaining 35 workers at this potential establishment there will be absolute chaos.


Lastly this is a residential area and I personally feel we have enough retail / shops etc in the area servicing the local community and there is no need or room for any more!


I am unsure who posted the note through my door. Thank you. I would how ever point out that I nearly didn?t open it as people get many flyers etc through their doors, although I can not think of suggestions as to alternative ways of letting people know about such matters I do fear that many will not have read this letter."


This 2nd time I was lucky enough to be gardening and meet some of the local residents who have taken on the cause. We'll just have to see now if another application is made, finger crossed :roll:

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Nice to see the council backing the residents and saying 'no' for a second time. Not wanting to dampen your spirits but after a second refusal (even with the suggested changes) the developers may decide go to appeal :shock: but not sure they would win though.


Having only seem the online plans myself I did think the whole 'office' developement was a bit odd and it seemed more like a smoke screen for possible 'change of use' to housing later down the line :wink:

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