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LIB-DEM "give-away" sale.

Peter T

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Not sure what the ?17 million is Peter, WBC borrowings are in excess of ?100 million, plus there is a substantial pension deficit.


Personally I've no great problems will selling unused buildings and for which the council has no money to maintain them. Not sure if it will sell the freehold or just sell a leasehold on it. I understand there is an interested party, hence the urgency to do a deal.


Hopefully WBC will be looking carefully at its use of office space and make sure it is being used efficiently. I understand it might be still renting premises it no longer uses, in fairness it might be tied into long term agreements and cannot find new tenants wishing to be assigned the lease.

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the finance building was and still is; in a terrible state of repair. The electrical installation alone would have needed to be entirely replaced at a massive cost. It was leaky and draughty and damp. I was last in there about a year ago; long after the council staff had moved out and whoever buys it will have to spend far more money on it thah the council would have afforded


Surely better to have someone restore it and use it to its potential rather than let it go to rack and ruin like most of the other council owned buildings?

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You recon it will be restored then Baz :wink:


As the council 'own' so many buildings... some historic and listed... they should be forced to protect and maintain them and not be allowed to let them go to rack and ruin and just sell them off.


They are in charge for now and as such are merely temporary babysitters of WARRINGTONS heritage and land etc etc ... :evil:

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well it won't be restored; of course not. However, there is a listed section of floor tiles and stuff in there which would make anything other than repair rather than knock down a bit of a chore.


No, usually tyhe council and its councillors don't care a fig about about the local heritage. Just listing buildings that have gone in the last 10 years alone proves that

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