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Warrington Girls High School

Lynn Leggott

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Can't help you with pictures. I was about to go to Warrington High School for Girls when I passed the 11plus in 1959 at Evelyn St School, off Liverpool Rd,but my parents moved near London and I went to a local coed grammar school instead. In later life I always regretting not going to an all girls school as I was constantly distracted by "boys" as soon as I was in the 2nd form, and neglected my studies. Up until then I was a great student (and did many years later get a couple of degrees here in the States.So I have to ask was it a great experience, did you learn a lot, or did you long to go to a co-ed school?!

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Good to hear from you. I have to say I think it was a very good school. Unfortunately, although it was a girls school I did become distracted by boys outside anyway and didn't study as hard as I should have. I used to regret that I didn't take full advantage of what was offered but I'm quite happy now and it's no use worrying about it at my age. So you are in the US now? Whereabout and how long have you been there?

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I was at the High SChool from 1955-1960 We were in the building next to the Parr Hall before moving to our new school off The Causeway.


I do have some snaps somewhere taken of my friends about 1958 outside the school. I have a suitcase and vanity case stuffed with photos so it could be a long job.We did have a MALE gardener, a rare event for us. Last I heard Miss Pennycuik was still alive and in Grappenhall)


I was at school with Helen Wilkinson (lives in Thelwall) Margaret Oakes (lives Chester Road alongside the Mersey)Eileen Phillips (still in Padgate) Jean Tranter by email. Any help ????

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