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John Terry


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All clubs do it, Terry is just the latest. The appeals system should be scrapped, if the ref makes a mistake so what, in all other instances of decision making there is no right of appeal......penalties are given /not given, goals are given/not given. The ref thought Terry deserved a red card so the FA should have given him their full backing. Terry made a decision to make a cynical unlawful challenge, the ref punished him. End Of.

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I agree Eagle but he also seems to get away with murder during games too . Fouls which would bring others a card are not given or go without a booking. Perhaps being England captain affords certain privelages. Also i heard that a red card cannot be downgraded to a yellow in which case Terry has walked away scot free from what was an undoubted yellow and probable red.

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A very telling comment from Scolari, "I was surprised and satisfied with the decision, It is the first time in my career that a referee's decision has been changed."


Halsey stuck to his guns and refused to rescind the red card so Hackett overruled him. Significantly Halsey is at Chester this weekend.

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Taken from another forum


Obituaries - 16th September 2008


The Respect Programme came into this world amid great fanfare and hope, it would correct the mistakes of the past, it would set the footballing world to rights.


From the highly paid stars of the premier league to the sunday league cloggers on hackney marshes, Respect was expected to change them all for the better, to help take the game in to a new halcyon golden age.


No more cases of petulant wife cheaters ignoring refs, or angry Argentian's questioning why their Spanish friend had been hacked down, all would be sweetness and light.


Sadly it was not to be and Respect passed away quietly at 14.15 this afternoon, it will be sadly missed by friends and family.


The Respect Programme, a FA Campaign, born 5th August 2008, died 16th September 2008, cause of death - Parental neglect

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How many of his yellow cards were warranted?

The man is whistle happy. Probably learned the trade in the Unibond. They tend to be like that at times. :evil:


Perversley, the most blatant booking of the game wasn't given, when Ronaldo dived quite a few feet in the air when nobody even went near him. If Ballack had gone over when Neville jumped in and missed then Neville would undoubledly have walked as he was already on a yellow.


This said Riley is an over officious prat who seems to like the attention to be on him rather than the game.

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