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something spicey


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I love spicey food and heres a gourgeous little combination


Cheap Jalepeno Poppers and Jalapeno Jam.




start to simmer about four/six finely chopped jalepeno peppers in white vinegar, which just coveres the surface area of the JPs in a milk pan

add a teaspoon of mustard powder.

meanwhile, have a jar ready for your jam,

after about 5 mins throw in half a bag of sugar and roughly half that in water.

once boiling and bubling, turn down the heat and allow to reduce.

stir around with a spoon constantly, feeling for the crunchy sugar to have completely disolved.


when it reaches a consitency of a light coloured branston pickle looking thing, pour it into your jar.



Now the Jalepeno poppers, which considering theyre just cheese flilled jalepenos in breadcrumbs are increadibly expensive.


get round this by buying some cheese crispy pancakes from tesco when theyre 99p for 4, slice your jalepenos and lye them flat inside and oven bake until crispy and cheese has melted.


now dip in your jam for your tastebuds to dance all over the place.

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